This 3D-Printed Watch Doesn’t Tell Time Well But That Doesn’t Matter

Not unlike Ke$ha, things that go tick-tock are quite interesting and this 3D printed clock is no exception. This clock, actually a tourbillon with a going barrel, is unique in that the DIY plans are a

Top Tech For Kids At CES

Liz Bacelar Contributor Liz Bacelar is a longtime journalist and producer who founded Decoded Fashion and currently serves as a startup advisor and angel investor. More posts by this contributor ​Ne

Meet H. Moser & Cie., The Swiss Watch Company Apple Is Probably About To Sue

Oh, Switzerland, you seem to have it all: fine chocolates, fondue, goats with bells around their necks. But what you don’t have is a sense of how to beat smartwatch makers without looking silly.

Casio Releases An Android Wear Watch That You Can Beat Up

Casio, the biggest name in rugged sports watches, has dipped a cautious toe into the smartwatch space with their new WSD-F10. This watch features a dual LCD/LED touchscreen and a battery life of about

The Tag Heuer Watch Is Google’s Best Effort To Get Wearables Over The Luxury Hump

If you weren’t busy drinking coffee or staring out the window yesterday you could have seen Tag Heuer launch their new Android Wear device, the Carrera Connected. The watch has a handsome titani

A Few Days With The Pebble Time Round

I’ve never worn a Pebble smartwatch for an extended period of time before. In fact, I’ve never really worn a modern smartwatch for an extended period of time, either. So when my colleague

TrueFacet, A Marketplace For Pre-Owned Jewelry, Relaunches With New Texting Feature

If you were to collect all of the designer-label jewelry and watches in the world and throw them in a pile, TrueFacet cofounder and CEO Tirath Kamdar tells TechCrunch, over 40 percent of the pile woul

Garmin Releases Three New Exercise Watches To Keep You Unflabby

Another day, another fitness device that can track your distance, pace, heart rate, and nag you when you don’t exercise. This time we have the Garmin 230, 235, and 630, three great smartwatches

The Apple Watch Hermès Collection Is Now Available For Purchase

#Fashion! The Apple Watch Hermès models are now available for purchase. But not online. These options are only sold in a handful of Apple Store and Hermès retail locations. Prices start at $1,100 fo

Apple’s Moment On The Catwalk Is Here

If you, like Andy Sachs, don’t believe that fashion is important, Apple just gave you a nudge in the right direction. While not many particularly cared, the first Apple Watch Hermès is a harbin

Crown & Caliber Unveils A New Marketplace For Watch Lovers

For those of you who still like something ticking on your wrist Crown & Caliber has rebuilt itself from the ground up in an effort to sell some of the watches they’ve bought. Originally crea

Martian’s New Smartwatch Hides The Power Inside An Unassuming Package

The Martian Voice Command Envoy tries hard make you think it’s not a smartwatch. The model I tested, a black faux diver with a non-working bezel and quartz movement, looks more like a drugstore

The Benarus Megalodon Lumbers Back To Life On Kickstarter

We first looked at the original Benarus Megalodon dive watch in 2012 when the massive timepiece first appeared on land. Designed by Steve Laughlin of Overland Park, KS (not a place normally associated

Chronos Is A Little Disk That Ensmartens Your Dumb Watch

Now that I’ve nearly abandoned my collection of watches thanks to the evil Apple Watch, I’m starting to miss the staid, steady ticking of a good mechanical. But how can I be endlessly both

Facebook Testing Caller Id App “Hello” | Crunch Report

On today’s Crunch Report, Google announces Project Fi cell service, what your favorite apps will look like on Apple Watch, Makerbot’s uncertain future, and Facebook’s user base is

Not Quite Smart, The Luminox ANU Chronograph Is At Least Quite Bright

This weekend’s watch review comes to us from Luminox, a manufacturer well-known for their amazingly bright luminescent hands and pips. Luminox uses small tubes of tritium coated with phosphor. A

Withings Activité Pop Activity Tracking Watch Review

The $150 Pop is simply the best dedicated activity tracker that one can buy right now. For the simple reason that unlike the rest, it won’t just be shoved in a drawer and forgotten months, or ev

Withings Activité Fitness Tracking Watch Review

Wearable tech has seemed on a fairly straightforward path throughout the course of its initial development – from the step counter, to the fitness band, to the smartwatch. But the wrist has long bee

Defakto Detail Struktur Review: A Watch Designed With Design In Mind

Defakto is a boutique German watchmaker that creates the cases for brands with more recognition and history, but which focuses on classic, modern designs for its own imprint. The case shapes themselve

Apple Rubs Elbows With The Fashion Elite For Paris Apple Watch Event

Apple is at Paris Fashion Week, hosting a special event for the Apple Watch at Collette, a high-end boutique shop in France. This is the first time Apple has revealed its device in person to the publi
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