• Kickstarter: The Coastliner Automatic Watch Is Brimming With Understated Retro Appeal

    Kickstarter: The Coastliner Automatic Watch Is Brimming With Understated Retro Appeal

    Kickstarter occasionally has a watch project, but they’re relatively rare, and even when one does pop up, it usually isn’t impressive enough to turn my head. The Coastliner, a project going on right now, is definitely a noteworthy exception. From independent graphic designer-turned-watchmaker Tim Hadleigh out of the U.K., the retro-cool Coastliner gets its design inspiration… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple Building Bluetooth Smart Watch

    Rumor: Apple Building Bluetooth Smart Watch

    According to Chinese gadget news site Tech.163, Apple may be in the process of developing its own smart watch that connects to your Apple devices via Bluetooth. Based on the report, Intel will be working with Apple to create the smart watch, with a 1.5-inch PMOLED display made by RiTDisplay with ITO-coated glass. Apple has long had a small hold on the watch market thanks to its iPod nano, which… Read More

  • Garmin Announces Thinner, Lighter Garmin 10 GPS Watch

    Garmin Announces Thinner, Lighter Garmin 10 GPS Watch

    The $129 Garmin 10 is a new GPS watch by Garmin. Designed as a direct competitor to “grab and go” sport watches from Nike and Polar, the new watch offers training features like “Virtual Pacer” and auto pause settings as well as run/walk break setting for beginning runners. Read More

  • Romaine Jerome Targets The Wealthy Arcade Lover With New Pac-Man Watch

    Romaine Jerome Targets The Wealthy Arcade Lover With New Pac-Man Watch

    This watch probably costs the equivalent of all the money I put into arcade games as a kid. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome helps you once again recall your video-game addicted youth with a limited edition luxury watch. RJ started mining our nostalgia veins with the Space Invaders watch that we covered here and now Inky, Blinky, and Clyde have their day on your wrist. Read More

  • Weekly Wrist Watch Round Up

    Weekly Wrist Watch Round Up

    Zurich-based Maurice de Mauriac timepieces are now available with an optional upgraded movement purchased by high-end watch movement maker Concepto. The cool new chronograph movements are mostly black with compelling decor. Girard-Perregaux’s very respectable Sea Hawk II diving watch model gets reviewed. The famous durable diver has some of the best luminant on the market in a very… Read More

  • Phosphor Releases The World Time Sport

    Phosphor Releases The World Time Sport

    Phosphor has just announced a new world time/dual timezone model, the World Time Sport. The company is well-known for their e-ink watches (we reviewed a few here) and this one uses a unique touch interface to scroll through multiple timezones as well as various screens including a dual-time screen for travelers. Read More

  • LM1 Watch Review

    Hands On With The MB&F LM1: The Coolest Watch You’ll See Today

    I got to sit down with Steve Hallock, the North American president of MB&F and driving force behind the Swiss watch brand’s western expansion. The watch he brought for us is the LM1 aka the Legacy Machine #1, a new piece we wrote about earlier last month and that is just now shipping to oligarchs and captains of industry around the world. Read More

  • Waterproof Nano Watch Concept Will Keep Your Nano High And Dry

    Waterproof Nano Watch Concept Will Keep Your Nano High And Dry

    Hey, broham, hitting the waves today? You better go pledge $49 to get the Proof Nano case, a case that turns your Nano into a waterproof watch. Designed by the folks at Boombotix, the watch will completely protect your Nano and even supports a small Bluetooth adapter that will stream tunes to your wireless headphones automagically. The Kickstarter project will be funded at $17,000, so get… Read More

  • Video: A Look At The Fastest Chronograph Watch Ever Made

    Video: A Look At The Fastest Chronograph Watch Ever Made

    The video below shows TAG Heuer’s Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept watch in action. This mechanical watch times things to 1/1000th of a second – 300 times faster than a human blink. As the watch spins maniacally, it’s actually meting out 1/1000ths of a second at 500 Hz. That means the small balance wheel inside pops back and forth 3.6 million times an hour – a speed… Read More

  • Weekly Wrist Watch Round Up

    Weekly Wrist Watch Round Up

    How does Switzerland do US patriotism? With a watch of course. Like it or not, Perrelet has just released this spinning stars and stripes version of their Turbine watch called the Turbine XL America. We don’t care that this watch is made for a Dutch soccer team – what we do care about is that this highly limited edition Netherlands-made Pellikaan Timing FC Utrecht timepiece is… Read More

  • You Know, For Triathlons: Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Watch Review

    You Know, For Triathlons: Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Watch Review

    I’ve used quite a few heart rate monitoring watches in my day. I’ve played with Suuntos and Nikes aplenty, with whosits and whatsits galore. But the RCX5 is different in its utter simplicity. Designed to be worn while swimming, running, or biking, all of the smarts are actually in the optional sensors, leaving the watch itself as basic as a $20 Timex with a few tricks up its… Read More

  • LUM-TEC's All Tungsten M26 Watch Reviewed

    Some people call it “LUM-TEC’s best watch yet.” This is the LUM-TEC M26 limited edition watch. Out of the M collection it sports an automatic movement with a power reserve indicator and a solid tungsten carbide case. With a mirror finish and heavy weight – this is one hell of a watch. Read More

  • Chanel's Titanium Ceramic Chromatic Watch Hands-On

    In my short years as an ‘aspiring’ watch photographer, few timepieces have truly evaded a good picture as the Chanel J12 Chromatic. The rich universe of hues that emit from Chanel’s new “chromatic” material are more or less impossible to capture in stills – as the colors mix and meld with the light so amazingly. It is a sin to evaluate this watch for… Read More

  • Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Large Date Watch With Trick Rotor

    The name of this watch doesn’t actually include its most thrilling feature. For 2011, this is the Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Large Date watch. It is true that it has a flying tourbillon and a big date indicator but turn it over and you see the power reserve indicator on the rotor. Complications on rotors seem to be really “in” this year. In 2011 alone, on automatic… Read More

  • Checking Out Ellicott Majesty Watches

    I got a call a few months ago from Ellicott’s CEO, he was anxious to speak with me about an article I had written about the brand. Let me back up a moment, here. I learned about Ellicott maybe or year or two ago. The brand is only in their second year of existence as of writing this article. From the beginning, I have enjoyed the look of most of their watches and was impressed by… Read More

  • The Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Watch Reviewed

    It takes a lot for a timepiece to be truly controversial. I am not just talking about people arguing whether a design is pretty or not. I mean a real discussion on whether the concept and construction of the watch is in good taste. Few people have been able to pull this off, and in the watch industry one man has been able to do it a few times – Yvan Arpa. For me, this watch sums him up… Read More

  • Hublot's Complicated F1 Tourbillon Chronograph Watch

    I am not always sure what Jean-Claude Biver is thinking. The machine-gun minded Swiss CEO covers so many bases when deciding what new Hublot watches are made that it can be almost impossible to predict what will come next. However, I do know one thing: Mr. Biver is watch lover. It might sound ironic, or silly, but when a watch lover runs a watch brand, it is a good thing. And trust me, not… Read More

  • Tag Heuer's Android Powered Link Smart Phone

    No, it isn’t a watch but it does tell the time – this is the exclusive debut of the Link Smart Phone with pictures and details. It started with the Meridiist luxury phone in 2008 and now comes the Link Smart Phone – the second major mobile phone from Tag Heuer. It will run Android and be tough as nails according to Tag Heuer. One major complaint many people have about… Read More

  • German Temption Timepieces Hands-On

    In a little room underneath Basel I sit with the humble and talented Mr. Klaus Ulbrich of Temption Germany. Temption is one of those underdog watch brands that I have been rooting for, for years. I have written about their watches a lot on – and reviewed a few as well (such as the CGK203 and the Cameo). Which you can search for easily. This is the first time that I… Read More

  • Space Invaders Video Game Gets A Luxury Wrist Watch Treatment

    The best part of these timepieces is easily the box. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, but Romain Jerome showed me a sneak preview of the Space Invaders watches back in March. The idea is to recall some of the fun and playfulness, as well as the novelty of the late 1970s video game. The box is actually a light box and you place the watch inside of it. Actually the watch is already… Read More

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