• Review: Buscum Ducis

    Starting your own watch company is hard. Unlike, say, hiring a factory in Taiwan to make a bunch of MP3 players for you, creating a watch takes patience, an understanding of the history of horology, and a willingness to risk failure. Thankfully, Buscum Ducis’ Svan van Der Zande has all of these attributes.
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  • CrunchDeal: $100 off the Serket Reef Diver 2.0

    Serket, formerly Scorpion, makes really nice dive watches. They’re not very flashy but they’re well-made and use real Swiss Movements inside an American-designed case. I’ve reviewed the 1.0 version of this watch and I really liked it. Read More

  • Botta Uno Automatic: Dude, I think you lost something

    If you don’t really look, it’s a conservative, 42mm watch based on the workhorse automatic movement of Europe, the ETA 2824. But it has only one hand. No minutes, seconds, or day, just an hour hand. Look a little closer, and you’ll note that there are too many hash marks between the hours. The markings are five minute increments between the hours. Wait, what? Read… Read More

  • Help Key: How to buy a watch

    I’m just full of helpful hints this week. This one comes after seeing a comment on my other site, WristWatchReview about the BR02, a 1000M diver with a fairly striking design. I liked it when I saw it but at $4,800 I could probably pass. But did you know you could get it for a mere $168? Read More

  • Bell&Ross BR03: For the French!

    Just in time for the holidays we have a new Bell&Ross watch designed for the French Air Force. As you see, they’ve stuffed the same quartz movement you’ll find in the Breitling Emergency into what I’d say is a very beefy and actually quite stunning case. I’ve been hard on B&R lately, but this is a nice move back into sanity. I’d say this one is about $6,000. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $230 off Debaufre CSAR watches

    The longer we’ve had the Debaufre Aircraft-8 the more I’m convinced that these guys have finally gotten things right. For about the same price as a higher-end quartz you can get an ETA or Unitas mechanical watch with some nice styling. I’m still not happy with the B&R and Rolex knock offs on there, but it’s fairly common practice to create “homages”… Read More

  • Kisai Denshoku: Shinjuku hot nights

    The Kisai Denshoku is an homage to the lights and skyline of Shinjuku but personally I think this watch by Tokyoflash looks more like a little hibachi waiting for some shrimp and a nice flank of Kobe beef. The Denshoku costs $247.72 and is available in white or black. Read More

  • Seiko Automatic Discusburger: Get you one

    This watch mixes three things I love: a nice size, a great brand, and a good movement. This odd digital watch is actually being sold by Seiko right now for about $898 direct from Japan and it’s actually totally worth it. This is a nice watch. It uses a 6R15 movement with hacking and it’s a hefty 43mm wide. You’ve even got a see-through back. I’m in love. Read More

  • Review: Zlatoust Diver

    I wrote this up a few years ago but I thought it might be fun to bring it back for our Gift Guide. These things are massive. A friend of mine was wearing one out in the city with me and someone asked him the time. He checked his watch and bust out laughing because it’s like wearing Flava Flav’s watch on your wrist. Not quite a gag gift but close. There’s a product page at the… Read More

  • Japanese watch lets you transmit messages in Morse code

    Osaka-based Eikowatch [JP] is selling a watch with a small built-in flashlight enabling users to transmit messages in Morse code. The “Sector Compass Torch” quartz watch is unfortunately Japan-only and has an MSRP of $620. The flashlight is attached to the lower right of the watch and can be activated at the push of a button. To make things sure, Eikowatch listed the entire… Read More

  • Yes watch brings it all back home

    Yes Watch appeals to me on several levels. The complexity of all the things it does goes straight to the inner nerd. The utility of the things it does is a siren call to pragmatist. The simplicity of the design draws the aesthete. And for their 10th anniversary, they re-released their original concept. This is a sweet timepiece. Read more… Read More

  • Hiranao Tsuboi of 100% digital LED watch

    Sexy, just plain sexy. Too bad it’s just a concept. Read More

  • VOID watch looks into us

    This $185 watch from a Swedish designer incorporate all the class of a 1970s Casio with the existential angst of the endless Northern winters. The watch is available online at Etsy and come in limited runs of 500. They ship from Hong Kong, where David lives. Read More

  • Audemars Piguet opens a bucket of WTF with the Royal Oak Offshore Survivor Chrono

    The Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet line, essentially a water resistant line of yachting watches, is famous for being the first steel luxury watch ever made. It’s a beautiful pieces, looks great on men and women, and is potentially affordable used. However, in order to follow Bell & Ross and Zenith into the depths of Crazytown they’ve decided to offer this… Read More

  • Doodle dee doo doo doo: Omega's Quantum of Solace Bond Commercial

    While Bond used to love him some Rolex, it’s all Omega for James these days. This is the latest Quantum of Solace commercial pieced together for Omega to showcase the Seamaster 007 wears in the film. Read More

  • Review: Tokyoflash Tibida Watch

    I’ve always had a thing for Tokyo Flash, but it’s always been from a distance. She was so alluring and yet so perplexing. I was awed and mystified. We’ve finally gotten together with the new Tibida. The best thing is how she looks on my arm, sleek and dark. When people see her, it’s all ‘wow’ and ‘cool’ and ‘how much did she cost… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Swatch Group Sample Sale happening in New York on November 13

    For those of you living in the Windy Apple we present the Swatch Group Sample Sale. This year it’s at the Metropolitan Pavillion on 18th street and it runs from 10am-8pm on November 13 and 8am to 7pm on November 14. Get there early! I’ve gone for a few years now and I always find great deals on Omega and Tissot. SWISS WATCH SALE
    50% TO 80% OFF NOVEMBER 13TH 10 AM TO 8 PM
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  • Review: Casio Pathfinder PAW1500T watch

    Good luck trying to figure out all the functions if you buy this watch. Seriously. It’s almost like there is a map to the lost world of Atlantis buried deep inside this watch and you need the brain of Rodney McKay to figure it out. I have to be honest though, this Casio Pathfinder watch is sweet. Read More

  • Storm MK V watch might make a nice XMas gift

    My buddy Scott had a Storm watch for teaching. Instead of glancing at his watch while he was at the lectern he would wear an earlier model of the Storm and check the time only when absolutely necessary because the central iris closes when you’re not checking the time. This new model, which costs about $180 has updated styling and seems to mimic the Hublot Big Bang without that whole… Read More

  • Vacheron watch uses unique anti-counterfeiting techniques

    The Vacheron Constantin Quai de I’lle can be specially customized using 400 little deterrents and styles including impossible to recreate ink patches and mini writing on the clear watch face. The watches cost between $6K and $12K. Sadly, these things will probably be sufficiently knocked off next week. If the watch is popular enough, China will stop at nothing to sell the bastards for… Read More