• An ‘Uber for garbage’ picks up steam, and $11.7 million in Series A funding

    An ‘Uber for garbage’ picks up steam, and $11.7 million in Series A funding

    Sometimes, it seems like every possible on-demand service that could be created has already come along — and, in some cases, gone away. But Recycle Track Systems (RTS), a two-year-old, New York-based waste and recycling management technology company, serves to remind that there remain plenty of opportunities for startups looking to turn our smartphones into lucrative businesses. Read More

  • Amazon should think outside the box Crunch Network

    Amazon should think outside the box

    Recent news that Amazon is working on a way to deliver items inside your door, without packaging, is huge. It means that e-commerce might overcome its greatest obstacle: Thinking inside the box. Read More

  • Meet the new wave of tech companies taking out the trash

    Meet the new wave of tech companies taking out the trash

    You’d be hard-pressed to meet someone who loves garbage more than Jason Gates, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based startup Compology. But Gates isn’t concerned with the residential trash that you put in front of your home on collection day. Instead, heĀ basks in the massive commercial and industrial waste heaped into dumpsters behind restaurants, offices and construction sites. Read More

  • An Investment Opportunity In Trash Crunch Network

    An Investment Opportunity In Trash

    As incredible as it might seem, processing trash may represent a future unique investment opportunity. Consider the new technologies that will operate on the micro scale, breaking the bonds of molecules through bio-mechanical means, which could be applied to recycling trash completely. It is quite possible that many of these innovations may emerge from our efforts to explore and live in space. Read More

  • Agilyx Raises $22 Million To Turn Plastics (Back) Into Oil

    A Portland area startup selling patented systems that turn plastic trash into synthetic crude oil, Agilyx, closed a $22 million series B round, the company revealed on Thursday. The systems (image below) look like the kind of equipment you’d see in a brewery. Here’s how they work, according to the company website: Plastic feedstock, a mix of everything from grocery bags to… Read More

  • Genomatica Raises $45 Million To Make Sustainable Chemicals, And Greener Spandex (A Good Thing, In This Case)

    Genomatica, a San Diego based producer of chemicals from renewable sources including sugar, raised $45 million in a new round led by VantagePoint Venture Partners, a fund that has committed $2.5 billion to cleantech. Bright Capital, a venture capital company, joined the round as well with Waste Management, a large provider of waste management services in North America, and the… Read More

  • Recyclebank's CEO Jonathan Hsu On New Site, Rewarding Green Behavior Beyond The Bin

    Recyclebank — a loyalty rewards program that encourages people to lower the environmental impact of their lifestyles, for example, by recycling more and tossing less — introduced a redesigned website and mobile apps, and began offering new services to customers and partners on Monday. Chief executive of Recyclebank, Jonathan Hsu, said some of the new features he’s excited… Read More

  • A Facebook Game With a Mission: Waste Management to Launch Oceanopolis

    Waste Management and its subsidiary Greenopolis are diving into social gaming with a new Facebook app called Oceanopolis. The game will launch in beta, with a full rollout expected in the coming weeks. In the game, players maintain their own island by recycling trash to build a sustainable community and interacting with friends. Points earned virtually turn into printable coupons that can be… Read More

  • Waste Management Launches a Social Network

    Frankly this should just be an application on Facebook and MySpace, it would get better traction. But that’s not what the consultants told Waste Management (a $20 billion company that, well, manages waste), I’m guessing, since today they’ve launched Greenopolis, a social network for greenies. They’re committed, they say, to connecting people and businesses on green… Read More