Mulberrys is an on-demand laundry startup hoping to clean up where others have washed out

On-demand laundry has proven a tough business for some. Washio folded up its business last year, selling its assets into competitor Rinse. At the time Rinse’s founder Ajay Prakash told TechCrunc

Buying Washio’s assets, Rinse cleans up part of the on-demand laundry market

Nearly a month after the on-demand laundry service Washio shut its doors, its assets have been starched, pressed and folded into the operations of one of its main competitors — Rinse. For a whil

Underwhelmed by your CEO? Good luck with that

Every day, some tech startups are surpassing their numbers while others are struggling to keep going. Washio, an on-demand laundry service that abruptly shut down yesterday, is just the latest startu

Washio on-demand laundry service shuts down operations

Washio, the on-demand laundry startup that launched in 2013, has today announced that it will shutter its service. In a letter posted to the website, Washio founders announced that the company will sh

Why A High-Profile Washio Customer Tweeted Then Deleted What Looked Like A Used Condom In His Laundry Bag

Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein tweeted this morning that he'd found what looked like a used condom in a freshly cleaned bag of baby clothes from laundry startup Washio. "Hi @washioapp," wrote Klein, "

Not Just An App: The Front End Of The Trillion-Dollar, Full-Stack Revolution

Stop calling Uber, Airbnb and Munchery just apps. These apps are the front end of a full-stack revolution powered by cloud, mobile, drones, robots and AI. These apps started as simple solutions to mat

Washio Goes Truly On-Demand With Launch Of ‘Washio Now’

With the latest update to its app and launch of what it calls "Washio Now," customers will be able to place an order and have their laundry or dry cleaning picked up within the next 30 minutes (or, at

On-Demand Laundry Startup Washio Raises $10.5 Million Led By Canaan Partners

On-demand laundry service Washio wants to be available in all the major cities throughout the U.S. With that in mind, the company has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding, led by Canaan Partners.

On-Demand Laundry Startup Washio Raises $2.25 Million In Seed Funding

Uber-for-laundry startup <a target="_blank" href="https://www.getwashio.com/">Washio</a> wants to make its on-demand service ubiquitous in cities across the U.S. Now available in just Los Angeles and

Uber-For-Laundry Startup Washio Uses Ninjas To Get Your Dirty Clothes Clean

There's no shortage of on-demand services popping up these days, as different startups each attempt to win the favor of users in specific verticals. One of the latest startups to launch in an "Uber-fo