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Update: Bird buys more scooters

Note: This story has been updated to indicate that the deal is worth tens of millions not hundreds of millions and includes comment from other manufacturers. It seems like all is fair in love and scoo

Is America’s national security Facebook and Google’s problem?

Jamie Metzl Contributor Share on Twitter Jamie Metzl is a Senior Fellow for Technology and National Security at the Atlantic Council. More posts by this contributor Homo Sapiens 2.0? We need a species

Bird expands to San Francisco, San Jose and Washington

The smash dockless scooter rental startup, Bird, is expanding beyond its Southern California nest with a new rollout in San Francisco, San Jose, Calif. and Washington, DC, the company said today. And

Musicians, actors and influencers plan social media takeover to support #MarchForOurLives

Some of the biggest names in music, movies and social media are plotting an Instagram takeover in support of Saturday’s #MarchForOurLives. At noon Pacific today, celebrities including Snoop Dogg

How the president’s American Tech Council should tackle reforming government tech

Like Silicon Valley startups, the Federal Government grapples with technical debt - but on a massive scale. 

This is your last chance to buy tickets to the D.C. Meetup + Pitch-off!

Tonight is the night! The Washington, D.C. Meetup + Pitch-off is tonight and we have quite the show in store for you. But time is running out to buy a ticket and get in on the fun. So buy a ticket! Ge

Announcing the judges for the D.C. and Miami Pitch-offs

The TC Meetup + Pitch-off is headed to D.C. and Miami next week, and it's finally time to introduce you to our esteemed judges. The pitch-off will consist of 60-second presentations from 10 startups i

Energy giant AES partners with Measure to improve worker safety with drones

Major power producer AES Corp. is ramping up the use of drones with an eye toward shielding workers from industry hazards. Rather than buy all their own unmanned aerial systems, they’ve engaged D.C

The tech industry’s regulatory crisis and how Silicon Valley lost touch with Washington

More than 80 million viewers around the world tuned in to watch the first of three presidential debates. With all the buzz being generated in and around the upcoming elections, no industry is exempt f

Is civic technology the killer app for democracy?

Smartphone apps have improved convenience for public transportation in many urban centers. In Washington, DC, riders can download apps to help them figure out where to go, when to show up and how long

D.C.’s Newest Tech Accelerator “The Fort” Debuts Inaugural Batch

Hot, new Washington D.C. tech accelerator known as <a href="http://thefort.vc/">The Fort</a> is debuting its inaugural class of startups today. The organization grew out the efforts from early stage V

In Washington DC today? Go get a free cup of coffee, battery recharge on Sprint's dime

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/sprintlogoagai.jpg" />Here's a quickie. Should you find yourself in Washington, D.C. today for that inauguration thing, be sure to head o

Apple’s Washington D.C. store facing opposition or part of a mass conspiracy?

<img title="dcapple" style="display:inline;" height="514" alt="dcapple" src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dcapple.jpg" width="630" />So Apple is facing opposition to putting up

Video: Ads appear only when you do

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/mmedia/player/wpniplayer_viral.swf?thisObj=fo237277&vid=040408-19v_title Who’s ready for even more high-tech ads? Short on cash, the metro in DC will in

An Apple grows in Brooklyn

I never though about it before, but Apple doesn’t have a store in Brooklyn. Considering how popular Brooklyn is and the amount of Apple users you can find anywhere you look, it would be a perfec