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  • Video: Anti-Sleep Apnea Robot Pillow

    Video: Anti-Sleep Apnea Robot Pillow

    Sleep apnea can be a big problem for people affected by the disorder, but there is help from Japan on the way. A team of researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo have developed a robot pillow that monitors the sleep of patients and helps them by touching the face or neck whenever it detects irregularities in the sleep cycle. The pillow, which is dubbed Jukusui-kun, is shaped like a teddy bear. Read More

  • Video: System Instantly Generates 3D Head Models From 2D Photos

    I am well aware that this piece of technology isn’t the first of its kind, but this new system [JP] that converts 2D photos of faces into 3D models looks quite powerful. According to its makers, two researchers from Japan’s Waseda University, the 2D pictures are converted in just 1.2 seconds and require nothing but a conventional web camera. Read More

  • ULV: Japan's Newest Electric Car Goes On Sale

    Do you remember the ULV (“Ultra Lightweight Vehicle”), the one-person electric vehicle developed at Waseda Environmental Institute, a business started at Japan’s Waseda University? We showed you the cute mini car back in June, and now it’s officially going on sale. Read More

  • Video: Next-generation electric mini vehicle ULV

    It seems interest in the development of electric cars has really picked up steam in recent months, especially in Japan. A research team at Tokyo-based Waseda University has manufactured the ULV [JP], a one-person electric vehicle with a number of selling points: it’s cheap, it’s small and light (72.6kg), and it has a decent driving range (80km). Read More

  • Meet robot Hanako, the dental patient simulator (video)

    Three Japanese universities (Waseda, Kogakuin and Showa) and robot maker Tmsuk have developed Hanako, a robotic dental patient who can behave like a human patient (to some extent). The robot, who is supposed to be female, can converse with doctors (“Please examine me!”, “That hurts!” etc.), discharge robotic saliva, sneeze, open and close her mouth, etc. Read More

  • KOBIAN proves that robots can now even get emotional (video)

    Humanoid robots are being developed all over the world (but especially in Japan) with many purposes in mind, with assistance to the sick and elderly as two of the most important areas. The problem is that sick and elderly people are usually confronted with robots having a cold, emotionless aura. And this is where a new robot called KOBIAN comes in. Read More

  • Voice-recognition technology finally utilized in remote controls

    Outdated? OKI and a group of researchers of Waseda University in Tokyo have developed a device that is able to extract a person’s voice from a mix of background noise and other persons’ voices. The new voice-extraction technology is combined with a voice-recognition system that makes it possible to control appliances via spoken commands. The prototype (which there are no photos of… Read More