The cloud services sector is still dominated by Amazon and the other so-called “hyperscalers” — e.g. the Microsoft Azures, Google Cloud Platforms and IBM Clouds of the world. According to…

Cloud storage startup Wasabi raises $250M to reach unicorn status

The Red Sox are no different than most businesses when it comes to a tech stack.

Red Sox CTO: Baseball teams need modern tech stack as much as any other biz

MarginEdge’s tool is a restaurant management app that works with a business’ point of sale to streamline inventory, cost-tracking, ordering and recipes to eliminate the paperwork.

MarginEdge, a restaurant management software company, raises $18M

Taking on Amazon S3 in the cloud storage game would seem to be a fool-hearty proposition, but Wasabi has found a way to build storage cheaply and pass the savings…

Wasabi scores $112M Series C on $700M valuation to take on cloud storage hyperscalers

We recently reviewed Wasabi, Netvibes’ powerful new stream reader which consolidates news feeds, blogs, Twitter and Facebook streams, email, and more in an extremely manageable interface. The site entered private…


Dell's Wasabi pocket printers now available

2:45 pm PST • February 10, 2009

Why would Dell name a line of printers after a Japanese plant? They have nothing to do with each other in any way. Anyway, the Wasabi PZ310 Bluetooth pocket printer…