• Apple Could Face Scrutiny Over Standard Warranty Duration On Products In The EU

    Apple Could Face Scrutiny Over Standard Warranty Duration On Products In The EU

    Apple has faced heat in Italy over its standard consumer product warranty, which offers consumers protection against manufacturer-caused defects and failures for one year, and now it looks like that might lead to even more trouble across the European Union, according to a new letter from EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding. In the letter, Reding asks member countries to find out whether… Read More

  • Seagate cuts warranty from 5 to 3 years on some hard drives

    Just a quick note: Seagate is cutting some hard drives warranty from 5 to 3 years which will take effect on January 3, 2009. If you pick one up before that date however, it will stay carry the longer warranty. No word if those years start after the purchase or if it’s when the drive leaves the factory, though. Models effected by the change after the jump. Read More

  • Asus wants you to break the seal

    It’s good to hear good sense coming from a good company like Asus. Sure, one can argue back and forth whether their motherboards are better or worse than Abit’s, or Gigabyte’s, but here they’ve revealed a position every hardware manufacturer should emulate: ASUS Computer International (“ASUS”) recently received feedback from one of its valued customers… Read More

  • GameStop no longer offering Xbox 360 replacement plan

    If the failure rate of the Xbox 360 doesn’t start improving soon, even Best Buy of all places will stop offering a replacement plan for the console. Normally, these plans are designed to increase profits for the retailer by offering an extended warranty to the customer for more money. However, as GameStop has quickly realized, this becomes more of a pain in the ass for a store when a… Read More

  • Four States In Need Of AppleCare Reform

    Oh Alabama, Connecticut, Nevada, and Wyoming — why can’t you be more like the other states? If you live in one of the aforementioned places, don’t bother buying AppleCare for your new iPhone. It won’t work there due to a protective bubble of ardent consumer protection that’s been enacted for some reason or another. You might have better luck trying to get some sort… Read More