Twitter to add labels and warning messages to disputed and misleading COVID-19 info

Twitter on Monday announced it will begin to add warning messages and labels to tweets spreading disputed or misleading information about COVID-19. The labels will direct users reading these tweets to

Hop On Wireless' HOP1800 "disposable" phone: Beware

As we all know, Hop On Wireless finally (they’ve been promising hardware since 2001) released the Hop1800, a $10 disposable dual-band phone with no screen. Great, right? So what am I so antsy ab

Warning: Apple update may brick your Mac

This is why I chose not to update my MBP during the middle of the day. Has anyone encountered any issues? Sheesh. Just when I got my MacBook Pro fixed and running well with a brand new logic board alo

Ne pas utilser votre mobile

France has warned its citizens that since the effects of long-term cellphone use aren’t known yet, precaution must be taken, especially with children. In no way is France saying “stop usin