• Warner Music Group And Tencent Strike Deal To Distribute Songs In Mainland China

    Warner Music Group And Tencent Strike Deal To Distribute Songs In Mainland China

    Warner Music Group and Tencent have agreed to a distribution partnership in mainland China. This means that Tencent, one of China’s largest Internet companies and the maker of messaging app WeChat, will distribute Warner Music Group’s catalog and manage new releases to “all legitimate audio services” in mainland China. Read More

  • Playlists.net Acquired By Warner Music Group

    Playlists.net Acquired By Warner Music Group

    In early July we reported exclusively that Spotify community and playlist sharing site Playlists.net was in acquisition talks, with one suitor — a prominent music industry company — in the lead. Well, today comes official confirmation that the UK startup has indeed been acquired by WEA, the artist and label services company owned by major record label Warner Music Group. Terms of… Read More

  • French Music Startup Deezer Gets $130M Fourth Round, Led By Warner Music Group’s Owner Access Industries

    French Music Startup Deezer Gets $130M Fourth Round, Led By Warner Music Group’s Owner Access Industries

    In France, it is the biggest startup funding round ever. Warner Music Group’s owner Access Industries and previous investor Idinvest are investing €100 million ($130 Million) into music streaming startup Deezer. €25 million ($32.6 million) will be used to buy out previous shares. Orange previously had 11 percent of the company and toyed with the idea of an acquisition. As it is… Read More

  • With A Budget Almost Cut In Half And 40 Percent Staff Cuts Can The RIAA Survive?

    With A Budget Almost Cut In Half And 40 Percent Staff Cuts Can The RIAA Survive?

    RIAA’s budget comes from music labels and distributors because it represents the interests of the music industry. Therefore, it depends on their willingness. TorrentFreak obtained its latest tax filing and the RIAA is facing the same difficulties as the major music labels. Its budget has been cut to $29.1 million for 2010-2011 from $51.35 million two years earlier. Yet, the most… Read More

  • Warner Music Group Taps MTV For Content Partnership And Video Advertising Sales

    Warner Music Group (WMG) has partnered with MTV’s Music Group to give MTV exclusive rights to sell ad inventory around WMG’s music video content in the U.S. across MTV Music Group digital properties and mobile services, as well as on WMG’s artist sites and third-party affiliate sites. Through the new partnership, WMG artists will also be able to to promote their music… Read More

  • WaTunes Signs Warner Music, Opens Store Inside Facebook Walls

    Detroit-based digital music company WaTunes has come to a licensing agreement with Warner Music Group, the third major record label to sign a deal with the startup after Universal and EMI. Warner has licensed its full catalog of music for use in WaTunes’ brand new Facebook application, which essentially lets people purchase digital music through a full-fledged storefront without the need… Read More

  • eMusic Reels In Another Major Label With Warner Music Deal

    Digital music company eMusic is rumored to be up for sale, according to various reports, but that hasn’t stopped it from signing licensing deals with big music. This morning, eMusic announced that it come to an agreement with Warner Music Group and that it will soon begin selling tracks from WMG’s roster of artists to its U.S. users. eMusic last year inked a similar deal with… Read More

  • YouTube Succumbs To Branding As Warner Music Begins Its Return

    Last January Warner Music Group forced YouTube to remove all of its music from the site, citing disputes over royalty payments. This led to an outcry from users, who created protest videos once YouTube started muting or pulling down any user-generated content that contained WMG songs as background music. Today, those songs are starting to make their way back to the world’s largest… Read More

  • Warner Music Says Imeem Is Worthless, And Owes It $4 Million Which It Can't Collect

    How bad are things getting for music streaming startups? We knew that imeem was on the verge of shutting down before getting a last-minute cash infusion from some of its investors, but an SEC filing from Warner Music adds some more details about exactly how dire imeem’s situation is, as well as that of another music startup, Lala. Warner Music Group, an investor in both imeem and… Read More

  • Lawsuits Galore: Songbeat Silenced For Now, Won't Go Down Without A Fight

    With a comic message on its website saying that the service has gone away to enter the 36 Shaolin Chambers of Software Kung Fu but will return stronger, music discovery application Songbeat lets its visitors know that it has received a first blow in court after Warner Music (and other music labels) sued the German startup for enabling users to stream and download music without… Read More

  • YouTube Users Lash Out At Warner Music (And Google) With Protest Videos

    Two things are clear in the YouTube/Warner Music scuffle. First, neither side is 100% right. And second, users are very, very angry that their videos are being pulled down or muted when they contain background music owned by Warner Music. Those users aren’t being quiet about it, either. And scores of them are uploading protest videos to say exactly what they think. All are angry at… Read More

  • Nokia snaps up Warner Music Group for ‘Comes With Music’

    Nokia continues with its imaginatively named “Comes With Music” campaign, adding Warner Music to its list of record labels. That leaves only one of the so-called Big Four record labels left, EMI. EMI has said it would be on board, but still hasn’t made the official commitment. “Comes With Music,” if you don’t remember, is Nokia’s way of branching out… Read More

  • Amazon Adds Warner Music to DRM-Free Roster

    The DRM-free music movement just gained a new convert from one of the major labels. Warner Music Group is now selling songs from its digital catalog (Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day) on Amazon’s DRM-free digital music store, joining EMI, Universal Music Group, and about 33,000 independent labels. That brings Amazon’s total digital music catalog up to 2.9 million songs. Read More

  • Warner Music Catalog Streaming For Free

    I find it ironic when the big, bad, tough guy music labels go after small-fry music sharing sites like imeem and then they jump into bed with them a couple months later. But it’s a smart move for both parties. Warner Music Group will now share in imeem’s ad revenue while imeem can stream WMG’s entire catalog along with videos to its user base. If you’re one of the… Read More

  • Warner Inks Deal With Lala.com, Offers Free Streaming of Most of Its Songs

    Lala.com’s going through a transformation in the coming days. Right now the site specializes in letting users trade used CDs online. Next on its agenda is to become an iTunes Store competitor and it has penned a deal with Warner music to stream nearly every one of its songs online. For users, this streaming is totally free, but lala.com will pay through to nose to offer the service. Its… Read More