• Tabletop gaming hits the silver screen

    Anyone who plays Warhammer 40K knows how much work goes into your army. The modeling, the filing, the painting, on and on and on. Then you send hours compiling your army list, carefully pack the Emperor’s superhuman servants in foam, take them down to the local game shop, and for what? To have them destroyed by heretics, foul xenos, and unsupervised kids. Such is the glory of… Read More

  • New MacBook might be good 'nough for casual gamers

      The new 13-inch MacBook wasn’t designed specifically for gaming but with the somewhat impressive NVIDIA 9400M at the graphics core, it should suffice for occasional gaming. The Obsessable chaps installed Warhammer Online through a 32GB Windows XP partition and came to the conclusion that the notebook does a fine job even with a modern, graphic intensive game. Still, with the… Read More

  • EA uses BitTorrent to distribute Warhammer beta

    Further legitimization of the BitTorrent protocol, with news that EA will use (well, is using) it to distribute the Warhammer Online: The Reckoning beta to gamers. Included in the game’s documentation is links to various “make the most out of BitTorrent” guides, including one created by TorrentFreak. Blizzard has been using BitTorrent for World of Warcraft patches forever… Read More

  • Warhammer Online system req's: quite low

    It’s nice that the Crysis effect isn’t applied to every game — that is to say, not everything that comes out thinks it needs to leapfrog the system requirements of its competitors. Warhammer Online is a property that is aiming squarely at the uncommitted World of Warcraft crowd (and there are plenty), tabletop RPGers, and old-school gamers. These are three groups that… Read More