• WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME? High schoolers invited to NYU-Poly cyber-security games

    When I was in high school, “hacking” mostly meant wardialing the local phone numbers looking for BBSes, and occasionally downloading “warez” from the “elite” boards. I have a funny story about the time our own John Biggs wrote a trojan disguised as a blue box program. Mostly, we were killing time and not really doing any of the exploration and… Read More

  • WarGames creators talk about the early days of hacking, armageddon

    Wired recently hosted a sit down with the creators of the cult classic WarGames, discussing early inspiration for the script, the difficulties of selling a movie to studios who didn’t understand the technology it was based on, and how John Lennon, “was kind of a spiritual cousin to Stephen Hawking.” For more about Silicon Valley’s first favorite hacker film, check… Read More

  • Boeing brings online multiplayer wargaming to real war machines

    You’ve read Ender’s Game, right? The Orson Scott Card novel tells the story of Ender, a young man with a talent for tactical gaming who’s hand-picked and later trained to fly remote spacecraft from a video game like interface. Only after he win his final simulation does he lear it was all for real, and all the kills he’d racked up were actual kills. For those who… Read More

  • The All-Time Five Greatest In-Movie Video Games

    Hollywood and video games have an interesting history. Long before it became standard procedure to turn every movie into a video game and every video game into a movie, the game’s place in film was more of an object of mystery, fear, and curiosity then a mere marketing tie-in. In film, the ability to control pixels tapped into our fears of a machine-dominated future and our dreams of… Read More