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Biographer Walter Isaacson And Medium CEO Ev Williams To Speak At Disrupt SF

We're excited to announce that author Walter Isaacson and entrepreneur Ev Williams will be joining us onstage at Disrupt SF next week. Isaacson is probably best-known to TechCrunch readers as the a

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Love or hate him, there is no denying that Steve Jobs was a control freak. As <a href="">Walter Isaacson's</a> magisterial biography of Jobs notes, Stev

Keen On… Walter Isaacson: Was Steve Jobs a Tyrant? (TCTV)

At the heart of the enigma of Steve Jobs lies a riddle about authority. On the one hand, Jobs was an intrinsically anti-authoritarian figure whose like was a litany of rebellions against every kind of

Keen On… Walter Isaacson: Assessing Steve Jobs’ Historic Influence

At the beginning of his rich and very fair <a href="

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Who, exactly, was Steve Jobs? <a href="">Walter Isaacson's</a> <a href=""><em>Steve Jobs<