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Disney Imagineering has created autonomous robot stunt doubles

For over 50 years, Disneyland and its sister parks have been a showcase for increasingly technically proficient versions of its “animatronic” characters. First pneumatic and hydraulic, and more re

ServiceTitan is LA’s least likely contender to be the next billion-dollar startup

The city of Glendale, Calif. seems like an unlikely place to grow one of the next billion-dollar startups in the booming Los Angeles tech ecosystem. Located at the southeastern tip of the San Fernando

Sports stars, franchises and Hollywood agencies are betting $38 million on an esports revolution

What started with an esports team is now quickly becoming an esports empire, backed by some of the biggest names in sports and money managers for entertainment family dynasties and Hollywood power bro

Hackers claim to have looted some treasure from Disney’s ‘Magic Kingdom’

At a town hall meeting in New York earlier today, Disney chief executive Bob Iger said hackers are claiming to have stolen an undisclosed new film from Disney's upcoming slate, according to a report i

Disney Announces Star Wars-Themed Attractions, Thereby Ensuring Force Will Be With Us All

Disney has announced that they will add multiple Star Wars-themed attractions to their two parks. You’ll be able to visit 14 acres of space worlds including a “never-before-seen planet,&#8

Investment Group Backed By Google, Disney To Buy Into Chinese Bus Media Firm

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/mickey.png" class="shot2" />A consortium of investors led by <a href="http://corporate.disney.go.com/">The Walt Disney Company</a> is currentl

Disney reveals plot and title for new Tron movie

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/tron_1982.png" /> A sequel for cult movie Tron was rumored to be in preparation for years now, and today <a href="http://disney.go.com/d

Disney yells, "Me too!" with plans to launch an online movie and TV rental service

Mickey & Co. is a vast empire and soon, the Mouse might launch a “subscription-based online movie and TV rental service from the company’s huge video library.” Sounds like a grea