Sony Walkman NWZ-A810 and NWZ-S610

Though Sony has ditched ATRAC and its music store, it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop putting out digital audio players. The ATRAC-less NWZ-A810 and NWZ-S610 are all about supporting AAC,

Sony Ditches Music Store, ATRAC Audio Format

Over the past three to four years, I’ve always kept an eye on Sony’s MP3 Walkmen players. Though they look cool at times and have some features I’d enjoy (like FM Radio), the fact th

Sony Releases Swarovski-studded Walkman

As the iPod reigns dominant, the Walkman brand still continues to chug along. Sony today released limited edition Walkman E010s, each with removable caps that are covered in Swarovski crystals. You ca

Two New Walkman Phones, States Are SOL

Sony Ericsson has just released two new phones which we will NEVER see in the U.S. The w960 (pictured right) comes packed with powerful features such as WiFi, a 240×320 touch screen for browsing

Sony-Ericsson Prototyped Leaked

A new Sony-Ericsson model has appeared on a Polish auction site and the phone is looking quite handsome. The seller lists the phone as a “Sony X123i”, which sounds to us like a prototype m

Sony to Release ATRAC-, Bloatware-free Walkman

What’s more surprising? That Sony is releasing a drag-and-drop Walkman, the B100, that doesn’t use a music loading app and won’t support ATRAC or that there’s a site dedicated

Sony Ericsson W999i Revealed

As far as music phones go, I believe Sony Ericsson was and still is the only mobile phone manufacturer to get it done right. The Walkman-series phones are always beautifully designed, feature rich, an

Sony E Series Walkman DAPs: Like USB Drives That Play Music

Sony’s got a new line of diminutive Walkman-branded DAPs coming out later this month in Japan. Looking like mere USB drives, these E-Series DAPs max out at 4GB, with models also coming in at 2GB

Sony NW-A800 Walkman Unveiled

Though these shots of the A800 Walkman from Sony look fantastic and I hope this is what the final product ends up looking like, I call 3D-rendered BS on this one. Dubbed “the Nano killer”,

US To Get Sony-Ericsson W610

Another day, another Walkman phone in the news. Sony-Ericsson announced today that if you live in the US, you’ll be treated to yet another GSM, Walkman-series phone—the W610. It’ll p

Sony-Ericsson W880i: Halloween Edition

We’ve heard so much about the Sony-Ericsson W880i over the past week that we’re starting to think it might jump out of the shadows and pounce at any moment. Either way, here’s anothe

Sony-Ericsson W880i Gets OK'd By FCC

The W800 series of Walkman phones have been a pretty big hit for Sony-Ericsson. I still have my beat up W800i in all its orange glory and I love it. Now S-E have just gotten approval from the FCC for

Sony Releases CD Walkman – Wha?

How about a round of applause for Sony for inventing the time machine! From what we hear, they’ve gone back in time to 1997, picked up a bunch of Sony engineers, brought them to 2006, and gave t

Sony Developing Video Walkman

Even with the iPod maintaining, at last count, a 243% share on the market, Sony’s not giving up on their Walkman line of MP3 players. Oh no, they’re actually ramping up efforts to make a W

Sony NW-S706 Walkman MP3 Player With 4GB Flash

<img src="https://beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/S hybrid has 4GB of memory, noise cancellation, 50 hours of battery life, FM tuner, three colors, and even line-in recording. I

New Walkmanified Sony-Ericsson at Cingular

Cingular added today a new Sony-Ericsson Walkman phone to its website as “currently available”. The W300i is a fairly feature-packed phone at a reasonably good price. It features Bluetooth

Samsung to Launch Music Store

. MTV’s done it. Even Wal-Mart has it’s own digital music store. So why not Samsung? While Apple gets it’s movie store ready, Samsung has announced that it will launch it’s own

Sony's Lightsaber-esque Walkman

The test tube/rod/phallus-shaped Walkman NW-S200 from Sony comes complete with a strap on for your arm, allowing you to use it for exercise as well as entertainment. How does this help you exercise? W