• Walking and jumping and generating energy, oh my

    Sometimes I’m assigned stories and I’m like, “Really? If you insist, boss.” This is one of those stories. It’s a collection of sidewalks, or derivatives, that “work while you wait.” Yup. Read More

  • Walking for the detectives

    As the BeeGees sang “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk/I’m a member of the Muslim Brotherhood intent on wiping the two Great Satans from the earth and returning the power of the Caliphate to lands far and sundry.” It seems that NASA is using shadow analysis to follow humans from space. By using gait analysis, investigators can detect a specific walk regardless of… Read More

  • Because walking is far too difficult

    People who think walking is too much trouble, this one’s for you. It’s a design by one Regimantas Vegele for a device that’s part Segway, part elliptical machine. Officially called Zingsniuoklis, you work it by stepping on the pedals, but rather than remaining stationary (as in the elliptical machine) your legs power forward movement. Strange, you say? A waste of time… Read More

  • These RoBoots were made for walkin': Cornell walk-bot sets record

    Asimo ain’t got nothing on this bot. The Cornell “Ranger” robot was designed for walking long distances, and so it has done, achieving a world record of 5.6 miles — 45 laps around their running track (movie in the first link). Eventually it stopped and fell down, possibly due to a low battery. That’s quite a long way to go on a charge, though; the BigDog has a… Read More