Proxi is making digital maps cooler

Depending on your age, getting from point A to point B might have involved paper maps — what we called an “atlas,” the giant book that lived in the pocket behind the passenger seat of the car. A

Bag Week 2018: The Nomadic NF-02 keeps everything in its right place

Nomadic, a Japanese brand sold by JetPens in the US, makes some of my favorite bags and backpacks. The Wise Walker Toto was an amazing little bag and I’ve always enjoyed the size, materials, and

Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm that worked on the Trump campaign

Facebook announced late Friday that it had suspended the account of Strategic Communication Laboratories, and its political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica — which used Facebook data to

Augmented reality is conquering new frontiers with Star Wars

Consumers can expect to see more augmented reality used by other famous film franchises in the near future. ILMxLAB currently works with a number of filmmakers to help create more engaging theater exp

Video: Satanic Walkerbot will haunt your dreams

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/fl43v1hfrd83itqmedium.jpg">Our buddy <a href="http://blog.makezine.com/">Phil Torrone at Make</a> built one of these <a HREF="http://www.