• Wakoopa's First State Of The Apps Shows What We're Using, When And How

    As a service whose sole purpose is to track the applications that people actually use on their systems, it should be no surprise that Wakoopa has a lot of interesting usage data. On a day to day level, Wakoopa’s data is good, but it’s the aggregate data over long periods of time that can be really meaningful to show how we are using our computers. Today, Wakoopa has released the… Read More

  • Wakoopa Begins Tracking Web Apps Alongside Their Desktop Counterparts

    The team behind Wakoopa, a social network that tracks and shares information about the desktop applications used by its members, noticed that Firefox and Safari were consistently ranked as the network’s top two applications by usage. So they took this as a cue to start measuring web apps in addition to desktop apps, since their data confirm (at least among the developer types drawn to… Read More

  • Wakoopa Secures $1 Million for App-Monitoring Social Network

    Wakoopa, the application monitoring service that we’ve described as a Last.fm for desktop apps, has raised $1 million in a funding round led by Big Bang Ventures and HENQ Invest. Wakoopa monitors the amount of time each application is open on a user’s desktop (or iPhone), and uses the aggregated data to create a social network. The site also serves as an application database that… Read More

  • Wakoopa Launching "Alexa" For Desktop Apps

    We first wrote about Wakoopa when they launched in April. It’s a downloadable program for application addicts that tracks the software or games you use. We called it a Last.fm for applications, alluding to the program’s tracking and recommendation system similar to audio scrobbling. While there are obvious privacy concerns (addressed here), over 17,000 people have signed up for… Read More

  • Wakoopa: Last.fm For Desktop Applications

    Last.fm does for music what Dutch startup Wakoopa wants to do for your desktop applications. Like Last.fm, Wakoopa uses a downloaded tracker, except it follows how often you use applications instead of listen to music. Similarly, Wakoopa has also built a Rails-powered social website around the data, letting users share their preferences with friends, write reviews of their favorite… Read More