Meet Hiroyuki, the guy who will get Asia's first 3G iPhone [UPDATED]


FiOS quite possibly maybe coming to New York at some point soon

Verizon released some b-roll of FiOS being prepared in New York with the promise that as soon as “city officials” approve of the service we’re going to get some sweet, sweet downstre

CellQ lets you wait in amusement park lines virtually

Okay, time to try to wrap our heads around this one. There’s a service called CellQ that allows amusement park patrons to wait in line virtually. When their place in line comes up, they are aler

iPhone Research: Who Exactly Will Wait In Line For One?

Professional researchers (that is, not fake ones like us) put together a little survey to see just who would be willing to wait in line for an iPhone come June 29. Not surprisingly, you’ll see a