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    TechCrunched: News Highlights In Under Two Minutes

    Once again, we’re packaging some of the top news of the week in a quick-to-digest video format.  If you missed some of the big tech stories this week, TechCrunched gives you the highlights. Take a look, have a listen and let us know what you think. Also, be sure to visit the below links for additional insights. Read More

  • From Diapers To Pets, Amazon's Quidsi Introduces Wag.com

    Everything comes around. A decade after the Pets.com sock puppet became the symbol of overreaching Internet startups, Amazon-owned Quidsi is launching an online pets supply store today called Wag.com. But before you dismiss this as yet another sign of the bubble, consider how much things have changed in the past ten years. People are now very used to shopping online, and if the price is… Read More