• One year later: Remembering OiNK's Pink Palace

    One year ago today OiNK’s Pink Palace was shut down by police. It’s only appropriate to pour one out for it today. OiNK had been in operation for a little over three years; I had joined exactly one year before it was shut down, invited to the party by CrunchGear alum Vince Veneziani, who’s now kicking about over at GearFuse. Be sure to say hi. The thing about OiNK (and… Read More

  • iPhone Firmware 2.0 now on Waffles.fm

    Supposedly iPhone Firmware 2.0 is now on the Waffles.fm BitTorrent tracker. It is April Fools Day, the day when everyone gets to be a little silly, so I don’t know if it’s real or not just yet. I’ll hand it off to John so he can test it out as soon as it finishes downloading. Read More