Waabi and Uber Freight partner to accelerate autonomous trucking

Autonomous trucking startup Waabi is committing billions of miles of driverless capacity to the Uber Freight network as part of a 10-year strategic partnership between the two companies. Starting this

Self-driving truck startup Waabi brings on Volvo VC as strategic investor

Autonomous trucking startup Waabi has bagged Volvo Group Venture Capital AB, the automaker’s VC arm, as a strategic investor. The companies aren’t disclosing the amount invested, nor many

Waabi unveils its first-generation self-driving truck

Autonomous trucking startup Waabi has unveiled its first generation of trucks that are purpose-built for OEM integration. The trucks are powered by the Waabi Driver, a combination of Waabi’s sof

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Raising monster rounds for self-driving mobility startups on TechCrunch Live

Raquel Urtasun founded Waabi in 2021 after spending nearly three years as Uber’s R&D head of Advanced Technology Group (ATG). Waabi’s mission is to develop an AI-first approach to spee

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You are more likely to close a sale if you have actionable insights into your prospective customer’s needs. But for enterprise software startups, this presents a special problem.

Waabi’s Raquel Urtasun on the importance of differentiating your startup

Raquel Urtasun discusses starting a business after working for a larger company, the surprises of being a founder and why freight will be the first AV industry to commercialize at scale.

Waabi’s new simulator could scale autonomous vehicle tech faster

Testing autonomous vehicles on public roads is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, and one that Raquel Urtasun, former chief scientist at Uber ATG, doesn’t think is the most expedient route to

Waabi’s Raquel Urtasun explains why it was the right time to launch an AV technology startup

Autonomous vehicle startup Waabi's Raquel Urtasun joined Mobility 2021 to talk about her new venture and the challenges facing the self-driving vehicle industry.

AI pioneer Raquel Urtasun launches self-driving technology startup with backing from Khosla, Uber and Aurora

One of the lingering mysteries from Uber’s sale of its Uber ATG self-driving unit to Aurora has been solved. Raquel Urtasun, the AI pioneer who was the chief scientist at Uber ATG, has launched