• Ole Harms joins us at Disrupt Berlin to talk about Moia’s first year of exploring mobility

    Ole Harms joins us at Disrupt Berlin to talk about Moia’s first year of exploring mobility

    Volkswagen Group’s Moia sub-brand launched last year at TechCrunch Disrupt, with a focus on helping connect the dots between VW’s existing automotive business and a future where city-dwellers also rely heavily on ride pooling and ride hailing services. Moia CEO Ole Harms will join us this year to recap how Moia’s first year in existence has gone, what he company, and… Read More

  • Crunch Report | Google Pays Apple Lots of $$$ for Search

    Google pays Apple lots of money for search, Uber’s next CEO could possibly be Jeff Immelt, Volkswagen electric Microbus is going on sale in 2022 and the Tesla Model X beat a Lambo in a drag race. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Qualcomm kicks its automotive ambitions up another gear, partners with VW and more

    Qualcomm kicks its automotive ambitions up another gear, partners with VW and more

    While Qualcomm continues to work on closing its $47 billion acquisition of automotive chipmaker NXP, it’s also driving ahead with developing car technology on its own steam. Today at CES, the chipmaker unveiled several initiatives to drive further into the connected car space, including a partnership with Volkswagen, a connected car trial in Germany, a new class of high-bandwidth… Read More

  • Crunch Report | Uber Ordered to Stop Self-Driving Pilot in SF

    Uber stops self-driving pilot in SF, sweet Tesla Gigafactory drone footage, VW dreams of a self-driving future and Tesla won’t let autopiloters speed. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • How the VW diesel settlement breaks down in dollars

    How the VW diesel settlement breaks down in dollars

    On Tuesday, June 28, Volkswagen finally announced an agreement with US federal regulators (including the FTC), private plaintiffs in the United States, and 44 states to settle its TDI diesel case to the tune of about $15 billion. In case you need a refresher, in fall of 2015, researchers discovered that VW had engineered the software governing its TDI diesel engines to behave differently… Read More

  • Mirantis scores huge OpenStack win with VW

    Mirantis scores huge OpenStack win with VW

    Mirantis, one of the last pure play OpenStack startups left standing announced a major win today when VW chose them over Red Hat for an enormous OpenStack implementation. It was huge for Mirantis and for the open source OpenStack project. VW knew it wanted to run a private cloud on OpenStack. The only question was the vendor. After a call for requests for proposals it came down to two… Read More

  • VW Debuts The Golf R Touch With All-Touchscreen User Interface, Gesture Control

    VW Debuts The Golf R Touch With All-Touchscreen User Interface, Gesture Control

    Yesterday at its CES press conference, Nvidia talked a lot about how it believes the future of the car will involve large numbers of screens. Today, Volkswagen debuted its prototype of the Golf R Touch, which includes the automaker’s vision of what the car of the future’s user interface will look like. It’s surprisingly similar to Nvidia’s. Read More

  • VW rolls out folding electric bicycle

    Volkswagen just announced their latest gadget, the Bik.e – a folding electric bicycle designed to fit in the trunk of your car, in the space currently taken up by your spare tire. With a maximum range of 12.5 miles, I question whether it would be a good spare tire replacement, but I still like it. It is interesting to see a company like Volkswagen get into the electric bicycle… Read More

  • VW to produce an electric version of the Up!

    Soon nearly every manufacturer and brand will have an electric vehicle in its lineup. Well, soon might be relative, but at least VW is getting into the game with an EV version of the Up! hatchback that debuted at the L.A. Auto Show last week. Plus, the next-gen Beetle will be offered in the States with an optional clean diesel engine. The greenies at the Copenhagen Climate Summit are… Read More

  • Whoa, does Volkswagen want to bring back the Microbus?

    Flower children, It looks like Volkswagen is considering bringing back the Microbus, a symbol of your generation I think I read once. The company wants more of a presence in the North American market; suggestions that it re-make the Microbus (or Kombi, depending on where you’re from) quickly followed. And here’s the business, straight from a senior VW official: We’re looking… Read More

  • Ist dies das iCar? Nein, es ist der VW Von Morgan

    What with all the hullabaloo about syncing your car with your phone or mp3 player, it’s only natural that rumors would arise about Apple having exclusive dealings with some company — and maybe even helping in the design of the car. Well, here’s some more fuel for the fire. This VW concept car featured in the German car mag Autobild looks more Apple-inspired than… Read More

  • VW and Sanyo getting together on Li-ion batteries for hybrids

    Following the lead of Nissan and NEC, which both recently have started down this track, the German carmaker is looking into lithium-ion batteries to improve its hybrids and electrics. It sounds like the Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries in their cars are both heavier and more toxic than the alternative. The Li-ion batteries would lower the weight of the car by hundreds of pounds… Read More

  • VW will have a 235mpg car by 2010

    Volkswagen says they are planning to produce a 1-Liter car, ready for sale by early 2010. The body of the car will be made of plastic and magnesium. A one-cylinder engine with a top speed of about 74 mph will power the gas sipping car. With the rising price of fuel, the main selling point for this car is that it will get 235 mpg (hippies are going to love this thing). That might sound like… Read More

  • VW Space Up! Blue: the one concept car I really, really want

    I know the Space Up! Blue from VW was announced last Fall, but this is the last time it will be seen in the US and I got the chance to take a look up close. For all intents and purposes for CG we’ll focus on the interface, which was eerily similar to Apple’s slew of touch screen devices. The monitor in the center is 7-inches of touch screen goodness. It utilizes proximity sensors… Read More