• Augmented reality has no clothes Crunch Network

    Augmented reality has no clothes

    AR/VR continue to buzz hotly as contenders for the next wave of computing. Tech-industry pundits predict enormous future markets based on speculation that AR will replace the smartphone. The technology looks promising, but other smartphone killers haven’t panned out. Perhaps the industry is again engaged in wishful thinking, declaring AR as the future emperor and dressing it in… Read More

  • Metaio CEO Thomas Alt Discusses Augmented Reality For Smartwatches, Google Glass And More

    Metaio CEO Thomas Alt Discusses Augmented Reality For Smartwatches, Google Glass And More

    Augmented Reality pioneers Metaio hardly qualify as a startup these days (being incorporated since 2003 and funded by a stream of project work from the likes of Volkswagen and IKEA), but they behave very much like a startup and are constantly inventing new systems for their considerable augmented reality SDK. Read More

  • Vuzix: SMART Glasses Explained

    Vuzix: SMART Glasses Explained

    The story about Vuzix’s new AR/holographic enabled concept glasses broke last week, but I had a chance to catch up with Clark Dever from Vuzix (with my rogue TechCrunch ghetto cam) for a brief video explanation and demo of the technology. The short of it is that it involves some highfalutin’ technolgy to get the displays to accurately display into the lens material. Their displays… Read More

  • Head Mounted Displays, DIY Augmented Reality And More At InsideAR

    Head Mounted Displays, DIY Augmented Reality And More At InsideAR

    I was able to attend Metaio’s InsideAR 2011 conference last week in Munich and check out many new and updated Augmented Reality concepts at the event. Several concepts I saw at the trade show portion resonated with where consumer AR is headed and some were merely for entertainment. But pretty much everything I saw tried, in some way, to push the envelope of technical possibility. I saw… Read More

  • Vuzix Wrap 1200VR Glasses Can Track Your Head Movements While You Game

    Vuzix Wrap 1200VR Glasses Can Track Your Head Movements While You Game

    Looking for a nice pair of new glasses? What about glasses that make you feel like you’re watching 3D content on a 75-inch display? Well, that’s quite a specific request you’ve made but Vuzix has what you’re looking for. The company today announced its new pair of virtual reality glasses called the Wrap 1200VR. Read More

  • Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D Glasses Hang A 75-Inch Screen In Front Of Your Nose

    Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D Glasses Hang A 75-Inch Screen In Front Of Your Nose

    Vuzix is now shipping their Wrap 1200 3Ds, a pair of $500 glasses (a headtracking model called the 1200VR is coming later this month) that displays a 75-inch virtual screen in front of your face and supports 3D content. You have separate focus settings for each each eye and these are as light and small as a standard pair of sunglasses. The Vuzix 1200s also allow you to wear your own… Read More

  • Images Of The Vuzix STAR 1200 Augmented Reality Glasses

    The week of May 16th, Vuzix — makers of military and consumer grade Augmented Reality eyewear — announced their newest line of AR glasses as the STAR 1200. As their press release states, STAR stands for See-Through-Augmented-Reality and describes the killer feature of this new concept — transparent displays. Rather than viewing small, mounted video screens in the eyewear… Read More

  • See Yourself In The Third Person Without Drugs Or Major Bodily Trauma

    Have you ever wanted to see yourself from above? Behind? Ever wanted to see yourself as other see you? Try this Instructable that creates a 3rd person view of your own person by attaching a camera to a head mounted display. You’ll see yourself – and only yourself – as you walk across the darkling plain. Read More

  • Contest: Vuzix is ready to give it all away

    By “all” I mean one Vuzix Wrap310 and by “give” I mean “give away in a contest.” What is a Wrap 310? It’s a 16:9 widescreen set of high resolution glasses that you can connect right to your iPhone or iPod touch, allowing you to look totally like Geordi LaForge on the plane. How do you win? Read More

  • Vuzix tries its hand at augmented reality

    A new headset from Vuzix brings augmented reality gaming. What does that mean? This is basically a 3D hud with a camera. It can directly interact with objects you’re looking at – say a block can have its own meta-information that appears whenever you look at it. I’m going to get the boys to look into this one because it sounds quite cool. Release post jump. Read More

  • Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen is now shipping

    We’ve known the Vuzix AV310 has been coming for a while now, but the wait is over. The iWear AV310 featuring a full 16:9 widescreen display is now shipping for $249.95, as expected. I love the concept and features, but looking like Cyclops is not really my style. Maybe you feel differently. Read More

  • Vuzix to show off improved VR glasses at CES

    Vuzix will be showing off some updated VR glasses at CES: the Wrap 920AV. The glasses are actually starting to look more and more like semi-normal frames that you might actually be able to wear on a plane, train, or bus without drawing too much attention. Read More

  • Vuzix iWear AV320XL and AV310 widescreen

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these. The new models are priced between the expensive 920’s and the cheap 230. I don’t really see the difference in these models. Maybe they for different purpose. The widescreen model features a 52″ screen and real cinema experience while the 320XL gives you a 44″ screen and is cheaper. Click here for more. Read More

  • Vuzix AV310 video eyewear to do 16:9 widescreen

    And now to talk about video glasses that push everything out in glorious 16:9. The AV310 from Vuzix will cost $249.95 (not bad, not bad), replicate a 52-inch screen as viewed from nine feet, feature independent adjustment for each of your eyeballs, and work for up to five hours on a single AA battery. The glasses hook up to just about anything with video output. All iPod models are also supported. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Star Trek Today!

    Come and get you some Vuzix AV920. Why? Because you can be the coolest dude on the Greyhound. Watch your favorite movies on the go and play your favorite video games, all in the privacy of your own virtual movie theatre. The AV920 from Vuzix features our best mobile experience yet: a wearable virtual 62” big screen compatible with almost any audio/video device. Ditch your small screen… Read More

  • Upcoming Vuzix video glasses do 4-player splitscreen

    Congratulations on a good idea, Vuzix. The new iWear AV920-C video glasses support up to four players and will show each player his or her respective corner of the multi-player screen. Great for games like…um…Doom, as seen in the Vuzix promotional photo on the left. The glasses can connect to any NTSC or PAL video input and up to four sets can be daisy-chained together for a… Read More

  • Vuzix' iWear video glasses actually work

    This was another product I was skeptical about. VR goggles? Do they ship with a copy of Johnny Mnemonic? But I put them on and lo and behold: the image was pretty good, it tracked my head movements so I could look around the cockpit, and they were even lightweight and had different nose-touch-piece-things for people of different nasal persuasions. One kind was meant to be used as a… Read More