The $799 VUZE virtual reality camera goes up for pre-order

Virtual reality is expensive. High-end headsets¬† like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will run you $599 and $799 — and the cameras required to capture the content runs several times that. At $799,

Fanhattan Promises Better Internet TV Through The Power Of Data (TCTV)

<img src=""/> The TV is the last screen in most people's homes to be conquered by the Internet. Although with so many companies both bi

Vuze/Azureus being pushed out on prominent BitTorrent sites

<img src="" />There's a bit of a controversy in the BitTorrent community, friends. Two rather prominent, so-called private trackers, who

Vuze BitTorrent client now streams video to PS3, Xbox 360

<img src="" />Those of you who stopped using Azureus when it mutated into Vuze may want to reconsider your decision. The BitTorrent client

Vuze Raises $20M More in Series C, Brings Aboard TiVo Co-Founder Ramsay

BitTorrent-based video distribution service Vuze, which we last covered in June and was previously known as Azureus, has raised $20M in a Series C round of funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NE