• Post-World Cup, everyone's banning the sonorous vuvuzela

    A few stories came out of the World Cup (besides the fact that Spain is the best team on the planet): the Adidas Jabulani is now the most (in)famous ball in history, Diego Forlán is the man diggity, and everyone hates the vuvuzela. Not me—I don’t mind ‘em. Read More

  • Elgato's EyeTV now blocks the World Cup's vuvuzela

    How can you hate on the vuvuzela? Here’s another option if you’re one of those people who hate the sound of the vuvuzela during the World Cup. Elgato, makers of EyeTV 3, have developed a filter that blocks out the sound of the horns. You’ll need the latest version of EyeTV, mind you. My advice? Embrace the vuvuzela! It’s all part of the fun~! Read More

  • Der Vuvuzela-Filter: Remove that annoying hum from World Cup games

    If you’ve watched any of the World Cup this year you’ll have noticed the endless, high-pitched drone of the Vuvuzela. It’s basically a really annoying horn. Anyway, a German engineer has created a Vuvuzela Filter that takes the ambient noise and removes it from an audio track. It’s pretty complex – and in German – but if I watched soccer at all I’d… Read More