• SpaceX And Russia Change The Rules Of The Military Launch Market

    SpaceX And Russia Change The Rules Of The Military Launch Market

    It’s been a tough week for United Launch Alliance (ULA). A hearing last Wednesday brought news of a potential ban on Russian made RD-180 engines which ULA requires for their Atlas V rocket. To make matters worse, the U.S. Air Force is also considering ending an $800 million-per-year contract with the company. This bad news actually works in favor for SpaceX, who is now certified to… Read More

  • Microsoft Co-founder Sells Company He Started To "Help Him In His Own Songwriting"

    Sonoma Wire Works, makers of RiffWorks recording software and the FourTrack and InstantDrummer iPhone Apps, has acquired the entire Submersible Music product line, including the DrumCore and KitCore software and drum content. Yes, I didn’t know either one of those companies or products either. But I do know Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and founder of investment firm Vulcan… Read More

  • Video: Spock on the origin of the Vulcan salute

    I bet that you don’t know where the Vulcan salute came from? I also bet that you don’t know Leonard Nimoy himself that suggested the hand gesture for Star Trek and that it comes from his religious background. Click through to watch a short clip on the subject. Read More

  • Video: Nerf Vulcan chain-fed, automatic gun makes sneak appearance in Hasbro viral vid

    You may have already seen the above video of a great Nerf gun office war. What some eagle-eyed Nerf gun fans — they’re out there — have noticed is the video features the Nerf Vulcan, the first fully automatic, chain fed Nerf gun. The geeks have had their eyes on this thing since it was announced earlier this year, and as its anticipated fall release draws near… Read More

  • FlipStart gets price cut, early adopters disgruntled?

    I’m sure most of you have forgotten about the Vulcan FlipStart because I sure have. The mini PC launched back in April with a price tag of $2,000, which is hard to swallow regardless of what it is. Many moaned and groaned that this was too much considering you could get a more powerful laptop for half the price. I haven’t looked into it, but I’m sure sales have been… Read More

  • Vulcan FlipStart In The Wild

    James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun gives a thorough review of the soon to be launched FlipStart. The unit James had was equipped with a Pentium M 1.1 GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM, a 30 GB hard drive, Windows XP SP2, integrated EV-DO, and a web cam. The FlipStart, for those not in the know, is essentially a mini PC that costs $2,000 and will be launched next month. The FlipStart is definitely not… Read More