• PlayStation Vue’s TV streaming service now lets you watch 3 streams on one screen

    PlayStation Vue’s TV streaming service now lets you watch 3 streams on one screen

    With a growing number of streaming TV services on the market – including, as of last week, YouTube TV – Sony’s PlayStation Vue is today launching a new feature aimed at differentiating its offering from the rest: “multi-view.” As you might guess by its name, this feature will allow you to watch multiple channels all on the same screen. With multi-view… Read More

  • Review: Vue Video Network With Motion Detection

    When I last looked at the Vue Video Network in 2009 I found it to be fairly rough. These tiny, battery-powered cameras were very cool and you could set them up and then “visit” them via the web to see what was going on. However, they weren’t a real security system in that you couldn’t be alerted to motion, making the cameras overly simplistic. However, with the launch… Read More

  • Avaak Launches New Vue Motion Cams

    Avaak has improved their well-known Vue camera line by adding motion detection and improved video storage . The system is completely wireless and uses battery-operated cameras connected to a main base station. The system supports multiple new features including web-based viewing and an outdoor model that allows you to leave the cam out in the wilderness. Read More

  • Review: Vue Personal Video Network

    When I saw the Vue Personal Video Network a few months ago, I was impressed. The system is dead simple to install. You plug in a base station, sync two little wireless cameras that run on tiny batteries, and watch the video on any web browser, anywhere. It’s like a little mini-security system that you can connect anywhere you have Wired ethernet. Sadly, my joy was short lived. The… Read More

  • Hands-on with the Vue Personal Video Network

    Wireless webcams are traditionally difficult to set-up and install. I remember one model I used required a quick trip down to the server room to open a number of fairly exciting ports in my firewall which threatened to tear down the whole network. Now there is the Avaak Vue Personal Video Network, however, and I’m quite excited. The system includes two cameras and a base station. The… Read More