• Brightcove Brings Its Ad-Supported Videos To Vudu Set-Top Boxes

    Streaming video platform Brightcove has added another partner to its already-impressive group of associates. Vudu, purveyors of fine set-top boxes, have struck up a deal to stream Brightcove-associated content. Brightcove has, at last count, about twenty-one trillion API partners, and delivers video for big names like AOL and the NY Times. Those aren’t available on the Vudu box yet… Read More

  • Vudu gets it, embeds streaming software on Entone's IPTV set-top box

    People do not want multiple devices hooked up to their TV. They don’t. What they really want is the functionality of all the devices without the physical boxes and it seems that Vudu understands this. The movie streaming company has teamed up with Entone to provide the IPTV company’s set-top boxes with the Vudu software. This is the first time that the service has been… Read More

  • Pandora now available on VUDU

    VUDU seems to always be growing and expanding its Internet content and Pandora is the latest app on the device. It joins services such as Youtube, Picasa, Flickr but is the first Internet Radio app on VUDU and it seem to be a great implementation of the popular service. Read More

  • Vudu now offering HD/HDX movies for purchase

    Attention Vudu owners- You now have the privilege of downloading and owning HD movies from an on demand online distributor. There are roughly 50 titles that you can download in both HD and HDX. Magnolia, Kino and FirstLook are among the indie studios who have films available at the moment including “Man on Wire.” Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Vudu drops down to $150

    Thanks to cheaper hardware and higher revenue from movie sales, Vudu has lowered the price of their streaming set top box to $150. That’s a whopping 50 percent discount. Vudu’s current lineup includes 13,000 TV shows and movies. Their HD offerings are up to 1300. The 1TB XL model also saw a price drop bringing it in at $499 with a free $100 home theater connectivity software package. Read More

  • Vudu releases an iPhone app

    Vudu‘s iPhone app is now available from the App Store. You can now browse, purchase and rent movies from your iPhone so when you get home you won’t have to wait around. That is all. iTunes link Read More

  • VUDU adds HD YouTube viewing feature

    VUDU sent along a minor update that adds a little YouTube goodness to the Netflix-streaming machine. Now, if a high definition version is available, the VUDU box will display that rather than the crappy SD version. You, the user, do not have to do anything extra; well, just update your movie streaming box. That’s all. You listening, TiVo. Where is your HD YouTube update? Eh? Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Vudu now only $99

    Vudu, the chaps streaming the amazing HDX movies, just dropped the price to a whopping $99. Not to shabby considering you don’t need to ‘pre-pay’ for movie credits anymore. (which was kind of shady if you ask me) Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Vudu on sale for the holidays

    The holiday season is upon us and if you’re cruising the Interwebs, looking for a steal, this is it my little bargain hunter. Vudu has a massive sale on their streaming device. Instead of $299 which is honestly a little high, it’s going for only $99. Your shipped price would ring up $149 once you purchase the $50 required movie credit, but the HD streaming is well worth it. Netflix… Read More

  • VUDU RIA: Internet video portal thingie

    VUDU has always been on the forefront of streaming video content and their latest venture aims to bring Internet videos to their set-top box in a very ZvBox-ish way. The VUDU RIA (Rich Internet Application) platform gives users access to video sites like YouTube, 120 on-demand video channels, Flickr and Picasa. While the platform is still in beta, it seems extremely similar to the ZvBox but… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Vudu offers Black Friday deals on HD and HDX titles

    Vudu is getting into the Black Friday tussle with sales on their movies. There are going to be four HDX titles, six HD movies, and a bunch of standard definition movies all for $4.99 each. So if you’re looking for a reason to stay off the roads on Black Friday, pick up the appropriate beverages Wednesday and plan for a snow day with Vudu, Friday. Vudu via EngHD Read More

  • Vudu announces the XL2, now more rack mountable

    Unless you’re in the biz of installing home theaters or you’re a hardcore home theater buff then you might as well pass on this Vudu news. The XL2 is a 1U rack-mountable doodad with a 1TB drive and is only available to order through a Vudu-certified custom installer or so the press release leads us to believe. Well, the goodness doesn’t stop there, folks. XL2 also offers IP… Read More

  • Vudu now has over 1,100 HD movie titles, including 150 HDX titles making it the King of HD titles

    Vudu’s HD catalog is officially the largest available from any service and even surpasses physical media. In the month of October Vudu added over 150 HD titles per week to reach this historical milestone. Their recently announced HDX service now has over 150 titles as well. Today, they added 35 HDX titles and 398 HD titles, which we’ve listed after the jump in alphabetical… Read More

  • Vudu officially announces full HD service, HDX

    Well, look at that. We caught wind of HDX last month and today Vudu made their full high definition content service official. HDX is aimed directly at HD aficionados with 1080p screens larger than 42-inches. Pricing for HDX content won’t cost you anymore than the HD content they currently offer. A total of 65 HDX titles rolled out tonight, which include The Spiderwick Chronicles, In… Read More

  • Vudu outs a travel kit

    Just in case you have the need to travel with your movie-streaming Vudu box, there is a travel kit now available. It includes everything you need including an extra antenna, power supply, HDMI cable, and composite cable. That way all you need to do is throw your box and remote into this $69 kit and hit the road, Jack. Read More

  • Vudu testing out HD content to rival Blu-ray

    Seems a handful of Beta testers for Vudu have been asked to download content aptly named HDX that’s mean to rival Blu-ray. Apparently the downloads take up to three hours before it starts and I highly doubt anyone will want to stick around for that unless they start them ahead of time and go off to do something else, which is a bit more plausible. We’ll see if this actually makes… Read More

  • Vudu: 1,000 HD titles coming along with a lifetime content warranty

    Vudu has big plans for their IP-based content delivery service. Big plans and we don’t mean that .99 cent rental thing.  “In a very short time we’ll have 1,000 HD titles,” says Donnigan. “That’s more than Blu-ray. We have some huge deals.” That’s a lot of high-def content. More than any service we can think of. But also, the company wants to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Vudu rolls out 99 cent rental service

    Vudu, our favorite digital content download service, is now offering extended rentals of SD movies for 99 cents within seven days of the initial viewing. HD movies can be extended for $1.99. But that’s not the best part. There’s a new channel dubbed “99 for 99” that offers 99 recent “blockbusters” for, you guessed it, 99 cents. Steven Horn VUDU’s… Read More

  • VUDU to offer adult content from AVN, I'm never leaving home

    I do not want to see this man in HD Vudu announced late last night that they would begin offering adult content in conjunction with AVN. Titles from various studios like Vivid, Wicked and Hustler among many others will flood your set top box in HD (on some titles). The way it’s set up is so pervy and yet fantastic. You can find titles based on your favorite ‘performer’ or… Read More

  • VUDU continues to infiltrate Best Buy

    I’ve been using Vudu for a few months now and it’s a pretty snazzy service. The remote is surprisingly ergonomic and the Vudu UI is put together quite well. You can read Doug’s review over yonder if you like. Today, Vudu announced that they’ve continued their expansion in Best Buy stores throughout California, Arizona and Illinois. A full listing of stores along… Read More