VU raises $12M to remove cybersecurity friction from digital experiences

Pretty soon, people won’t have to provide a fingerprint or a driver’s license to prove their identity — if VU has its way.

LG and Samsung make friendly in order to conquer American mobile TV market

Video: AT&T LG Vu running MediaFLO

Vu gets groped early at CTIA

We’re thinking the Vu is the first real post-iPhone cellphone, using a haptic-feedback touchscreen, a fluid UI, and multimedia features in a phone that should cost less than the iPhone but still

New shots, info on the LG Vu

Touchscreen? Check. Live TV? Check. Video and MP3 playback? Check. We got some new shots of the LG Vu/CU920 with its fancy-sexy UI and cool styling. It also includes a 2-megapixel camera, full HTML we