• Voxy

    From Disrupt Finalist To $8M In Funding And 2M Users, Voxy Tells All

    English learning app Voxy hit the scene nearly two years ago exactly, on our Disrupt SF stage. It was a great presentation, but perhaps more importantly it was a great business idea. Since then, Voxy is rated the number one education app in over 20 different countries, has raised a total of $8 million in funding, and now has over 2 million users. So I sat down with CEO and founder Paul Gollash… Read More

  • Voxy Snags $2.8M To Help People Learn A Language Via Smartphone

    Voxy Snags $2.8M To Help People Learn A Language Via Smartphone

    TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Voxy is announcing new Series A investment today, $2.8 million dollars from investors Seavest Inc and Contour Ventures. Relatively new investor Seavest recently had another education-related portfolio company, Schoolnet, sell for $230 million to education publisher Pearson. Read More

  • Voxy Now Uses Your Location To Help You Learn Language

    TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Voxy, a service that lets you learn a language “from life” has just updated its iPhone app in the App Store, with one pretty disruptive difference; Voxy’s ESL app Aprende inglés now uses your location to help you learn a language, presenting you with the related vocabulary, as well things you hear and things you say if you’re at a… Read More

  • Language Learning Service Voxy Closes Another 600K, For A Total Of $1.2 Million

    TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Voxy announces today that its just raised another $600k in addition to a $600K convertible debt round in February, bringing its total funding to $1.2 million. Founded by Paul Gollash, the New York-based startup uses multimedia platforms to help people “learn a language from life.” Voxy utilizes SMS, the web and mobile apps in order to teach ESL to… Read More

  • Voxy Helps You Learn A Language By Text, iPhone, Email And Web

    Voxy Helps You Learn A Language By Text, iPhone, Email And Web

    Voxy is a multi-platform way to learn a language, currently using both the web and mobile text messaging to teach ESL to Spanish speakers. Perhaps the best part about Voxy is that it uses game mechanics to drive a language learners progress and commitment, engaging users who would otherwise be bored and get distracted from the task at hand. Founder Paul Gollash refers to the importance of… Read More