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  • Just how vulnerable is election technology? Crunch Network

    Just how vulnerable is election technology?

    This year’s electoral process has been unconventional, to say the least. As this volatile election approaches, citizens are skeptical about whether our electoral system — particularly the technology used in it — is precise, unbiased or secure enough to produce a fair, accurate vote count. But just how vulnerable is our election technology? Read More

  • A map: The technology of your voting machine

    Kudos to Dvice, which put together this pretty gosh darn interesting map of voting machines in the U S of A. The map shows, county by county, what type of voting machine is in use—electronic, paper, optical scan lever and punch card—and ranks them on how error prone they are. Electronic voting machines are less error prone, while punch cards—remember Florida?—are most… Read More

  • E-voting system evaluator: "I thought I was going to throw up"

    What a great quote! Ohio’s Secretary of State was interviewed for ComputerWorld and revealed the ridiculous level of error that was present throughout the certification and troubleshooting process. The results of the (deep breath) Evaluation & Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards & Testing (EVEREST) analysis were that every single system they looked at had… Read More

  • Buy Your Own Voting Machine for $82

    Princeton Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel and his students bought five Sequoia voting machines over the Internet for $82 each and are now reverse engineering the monsters to figure out how horribly our democracy is dying. The professor bought them from election officials in North Carolina during a government auction. Sequoia is well-known for their claims that opening up their… Read More