• Vook Raises $5.25 Million, Builds Media Fit For Tablets And Smartphones

    Vook, which bills itself as a digital publisher of mixed-media reading, has raised $5.25 million in Series A financing from investors including VantagePoint Venture Partners and Floodgate. Vook publishes mixed-media content dubbed ‘Vooks’, uniting video, text, images and social sharing into an integrated experience. Read More

  • The Vook Is About To Get An iPad Overhaul

    At a time when print book sellers like Barnes & Noble are in retreat, digital books on the iPad and Kindle hold a lot of hope for keeping books alive in the digital age. But so far most of the titles are just digital versions of printed books, with maybe a video or two thrown in. Slowly, however, as new capabilities are added to these digital books and they are linked to the living Web… Read More

  • To heck with hybrid media on the iPad. Go read a Vook, Vooker!

    What is a Vook? It’s a virtual book created by Simon and Schuster to apparently allow you to no only read a book but play video inside of it, share it with our friends on FaceLinker, and even allows us to look at collections of small markings called letters and form them into words in our minds. Amazing! The service, Vook.com, allows you to buy books in PC-based Vook format or in an… Read More