• Call Genie Acquires Mobile Advertising, Analytics Startup VoodooVox

    Call Genie Acquires Mobile Advertising, Analytics Startup VoodooVox

    In what looks like a firesale, Call Genie has acquired US-based mobile analytics and advertising network company VoodooVox, which has raised a ton of venture capital from investors like Apax Partners, Softbank Capital, Steamboat Ventures (Disney), Berkshire Capital Investors and Village Ventures. VoodooVox provides demographic information on phone calls and mobile ad traffic in real-time… Read More

  • MyVox Lets You Add Voice Notes to Google Maps, RockYou Widgets And More

    Your phone is now a broadcasting implement. MyVox is opening up a new set of APIs today that will let Web developers add voice notes and audio advertising to any Web application. Instead of making people record their voice on their PC mic or upload an audio file, with MyVox, they use their phones as their mics instead. Website visitors can simply call a number on their regular phones and… Read More

  • Jangl Turns On Audio Ads

    Jangl is finally turning on a revenue stream across its network of social calling widgets, which reach a potential 80 million social networking profiles (the company hasn’t announced actual active users). People generally use Jangl to place calls or SMSs to other web surfers without exchanging your real number. The new advertising initiative is called Mobile Media Platform and provides a… Read More

  • VoodooVox: Building a Voice 2.0 Ad Network

    As if we didn’t have enough advertising in our lives, now we can look forward to listening to ads while on hold during a phone call, or while using a free Web telephony service. One startup trying to make that happen is VoodoVox out of New York City. Backed by Softbank Capital, Apax Partners, and Steamboat Ventures (Disney), VoodooVox has raised a total of $13 million so far. CEO J. Read More