• Vonage Continues To Challenge Skype With New Mobile App For iPhone, Android

    Vonage Continues To Challenge Skype With New Mobile App For iPhone, Android

    Vonage has been battling Skype for many, many years, but they’re not letting up now that the latter has been acquired by Microsoft. The Internet calling company, which came dangerously close to dying a few years ago, this morning launched a new Vonage Mobile app for iPhone and Android, offering free calls and texts to anyone who also has the app installed (as predicted a few weeks ago). Read More

  • Raising The Most Money Doesn't Mean Your Company Will Become The Most Valuable

    One of my favorite recent blog posts is Seth Godin’s “Getting funded is not the same as succeeding.”   Whether or not we’re in a bubble, it’s a sign of the times that this post has to be written in the first place.   As Josh Elman tweets, we’ve gone from RIP Good Times to funding a grilled cheese company in less than three years (Sequoia was involved in… Read More

  • Call All Your Facebook Friends Free With Vonage

    Have you been looking for a way to call your Facebook friends on your iPhone or your Android device? Haven’t figured out their numbers yet? A new solution from Vonage offers free calls to all you Facebook friends who, virally, have downloaded the same app. The calls work over WiFi and 3G/4G networks. The app, called Vonage Mobile for Facebook, is an odd, viral solution for voice… Read More

  • Ooma Has New Cheap International Calling Plans

    Ooma is stepping up their offering in the international calling game. The VoIP service providers latest plans are about as competitive as can be. Watch out, Vonage, Ooma has your mom’s number. Read More

  • MSI announces new GE600 gaming notebook

    MSI just announced their latest, the GE600 gaming notebook, is now available for purchase. Built around an Intel Core i5 processor and the ATI Radeon HD5730 GPU, the GE600 is billed at MSI’s lightest gaming notebook yet at 5.9 lbs, and this latest addition to their stable is also DirectX11 capable. Read More

  • Apple Isn't Even Bothering To Lie Anymore

    I mean, seriously. Apple’s chief complaint against the Google Voice application was “The application has not been approved because, as submitted for review, it appears to alter the iPhone’s distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone’s core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone… Read More

  • Vonage now charges 29% in fees (at least for me)

    I have been using Vonage since July 2004 and have had zero complaints with the service. It constantly works well and the price was right. That’s what I thought until I just noticed that my rate plan went up from $14.99 to $17.99. Sure, not a huge increase and a warning would be nice, but it’s the fees and taxes that have slowly been added on over the years I have beef with. My… Read More

  • Vonage apparently not so attractive anymore

    Times are tough for Vonage right now as they struggle to gain new customers. During the second quarter of this year, Vonage only signed up 2,080 new customers compared with 56,691 from the same quarter last year. Their struggles boil down to a lack of advertising cashflow, as well as what we can imagine a tremendous competition increase. There was a time when Vonage’s snarky… Read More

  • Vonage launches a new Pro package that includes VoIP calling

    Vonage has launched a new package called Vonage Pro, which enables users to place VoIP calls anywhere they have a broadband connection. Jamie Haenggo, Vonage’s chief marketing officer had this to say about the service: “Vonage Pro is the VoIP offering that prosumers have been asking for to help them stay connected while on the go.” Strong words from a strong man (or lady… Read More

  • Comcast and Vonage, new best friends

    Comcast and Vonage have promised to never fight again and to work together to balance “network congestion” with “ensuring that over-the-top VoIP services like Vonage work well for consumers.” Wow, does that mean Comcast is promising to stop blocking services like Vonage from running on its network? How sweet! Vonage Chief Technology Officer Louis Mamakos said in a… Read More

  • Sprint and Vonage settle for $80 million

    A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Sprint ordered Vonage to cough up almost $70 million plus 5 percent of future revenue for patent infringement damages. Today the fiasco has been settled for $80 million, straight up and Sprint has agreed to license Vonage some of its VOIP technology in return. For a company like Vonage that’s been hemmoraging money due to legal… Read More

  • Vonage Ordered To Pony Up $69.5 Million To Sprint

    That’s gonna leave a mark. Apparently Vonage infringed upon six of Sprint Nextel’s patents, which is a big, expensive no-no. Sprint will receive $69.5 million plus 5 percent of Vonage’s future revenue. Earlier this year, Vonage lost a cool $58 million, plus 5.5% future royalties to Verizon. That now seems somewhat tame. All told, that brings the grand total to $127.5 million… Read More

  • Hey, Maybe Vonage Isn't Dead Yet

    Vonage released its second quarter financial results today (I’ve embedded the release below with the new Zoho Viewer that launched last night). And while the stock continues to slide, revenues are way up and losses are slowing. Perhaps they can avoid the fate of competitor SunRocket, which shut down last month. The company also says that they have “substantially completed”… Read More

  • Vonage Beta Testing New Ambit VOIP Gateway

    Consumer VOIP service Vonage is beta testing a new, self-described “cool and sleek, yet simplistic and approachable” gateway device produced by Ambit. The device, an Ambit VDV21, includes a LCD screen that displays caller ID and voicemail notifications. The hope, Vonage says in an email, is that it will “inspire consumers to proudly display their Vonage router rather than hide… Read More