• Chevrolet To Offer CarPlay And Android Auto In 14 Models Starting This Summer

    Chevrolet To Offer CarPlay And Android Auto In 14 Models Starting This Summer

    It’s about time. Chevy is going to start offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across its vehicle line. The rollout will start in a few weeks and eventually hit 14 Chevy models. Apple and Google announced these systems in early 2014 and have since signed on most automakers. Chevy joins just Hyundai in providing a launch timetable, though. Owners of 2016 Hyundai Sonata can visit dealers… Read More

  • Report: The Entire Prius Line To Be Plug-In Hybrids Starting With The 2014 Model Year

    Remember that plug-in Prius we drove for a bit? Yeah, Toyota is bringing that technology to more models. The Prius has long been the popular hybrid vehicle but cars like the Volt and Leaf are stealing a good deal of the public’s love thanks to their plug-in ability. It seems Toyota is looking to recapture some of its lost karma by shifting the entire Prius line to plug-in hybrids by the… Read More

  • Chevrolet Volt Wins Gold, OnStar Takes Silver At 2011 Edison Awards

    The awards just seem to keep stacking up for the Chevrolet Volt. Yesterday, the Volt was awarded a Gold Medal at the Edison Awards for innovative engineering that resulted in the world’s first extended range electric vehicle. Also, on the same night, OnStar’s mobile app won a silver medal for Best New Product in Transportation. The OnStar mobile app allows for drivers to view… Read More

  • Volt Takes Its Top Off, For One Day Only

    Road and Track is a great car magazine, but they forgot an important fact about April Fools’ Day: the date. Yesterday, March 30th, they outed some pictures of the Volt sans roof. Their post even discussed some new tech for the unsightly little thing, despite its lack of a regular size gas tank. “We’re extremely excited about the new GM-patented photovoltaic film that… Read More

  • A GM CEO And A GM Chief Engineer Weigh In On What’s Next For The Volt And Its Tech

    I recently got a chance to speak with Andrew Farah, chief engineer for the Chevrolet Volt. While getting keyed in on the enormous amounts of controls and tech that went into Volt, he mentioned that he had already been chosen as chief engineer for the next EV at GM, stating that, “[my bosses] figured that I had already made mistakes, so I won’t make them again.” Farah, is a… Read More

  • GM To Continue Electrification With A New Cadillac?

    Last year at the NAIAS in Detroit, Cadillac introduced the Converj concept, a vehicle based on the Chevrolet Volt. Most of it’s electronics were shared from the Volt, including GM’s new Voltec power system.  While it was definitely a cool looking car and was much talked about at the auto show, nothing came of it—most concept cars rarely make it further then the tenure of a… Read More

  • The Chevy Volt: An Electric Car With Its Own IP Address

    CrunchGear’s Matt Burns recently called the Chevy Volt GM’s “knight in shining chrome and white plastic.” Burns was not citing projected sales numbers, instead he was making the point that the Volt has saved GM by forcing the troubled automaker to “change internally and reinvent nearly ever aspect of how it does business.” In support of Burns’ thesis… Read More

  • Stand By To Configure Chevy Volt

    The time has come to fiddle around with all the options for your new Chevy Volt. Assuming you’ve got a spare $42K laying around. Yes, it’s not exactly the most affordable vehicle, nor is it, strictly speaking, an electric vehicle, but it is a practical, good-looking, and high-tech car, which is perhaps better. At any rate, the official configurator is now live, and you can add… Read More

  • GM's Voltec Charging Station Costs May Total ~$2000

    While the Volt will charge overnight on a normal outlet, those with less predictable schedules may understandably want to opt for a 240V charging solution, which can cut the charge time to four hours. But you better believe you’re gonna pay. Read More

  • Chevy Volt 240V Home Charging Kit: $490 (That's Without Installation Taken Into Account)

    Chevrolet has just announced the price for the Chevy Volt home charging kit : $490. That’s the price “before installation,” mind you. How much are you looking at with installation? Read More

  • Hertz Will Offer Electric Vehicles. Most Likely At A Premium.

    Want to drive the Volt or Leaf for just a day or week? Don’t feel like paying large for a car that hasn’t run its course? Call up Hertz and rent one. That’s right, Hertz has just announced that it plans to rent out EVs through its car rental and car sharing operations. Zipcar take note. Read More

  • GM To Unveil Voltec Cargo Van Concept Tomorrow

    Maybe it’s true after all; GM using its Voltec platform for something other than a compact/midsize sedan, a cargo van named Vivaro. Expected to be unveiled tomorrow at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover, GM will showcase Vivaro for those interested in low fuel consumption–like a small organic farm that only needs to make small deliveries around the city. More after the break. Read More

  • $41,000 For The Chevy Volt? Sounds Right To Me.

    I honestly laid in bed last night thinking about the Chevy Volt’s $41k price tag. Seriously. When I got the press release shortly before it crossed the wire yesterday, the price seemed about right for a first-gen Voltec vehicle. The $350 lease program looked even better. I was already totally sold on the Volt after driving an early mule over a year ago and the price tag didn’t… Read More

  • Ford Charges Up With Compact Power Batteries

    Ford‘s 2011 Focus Electric will run on Compact Power Inc.’s lithium-ion battery, the company announced today. The batteries will initially be made in South Korea at CPI’s parent company, LG Chem, with plans to start manufacturing at a new $300 million site in Holland, Mich. in 2012. The Focus Electric will be a full battery electric passenger car made at Ford’s… Read More

  • Volt & Google to help you remember where you parked

    Feeling a bit forgetful? Worried that you’re not going to be able to find your way back to your car? Worry no longer, there’s now an Android app for that. All you need is an Android phone, and Chevy Volt with OnStar. Once you’re parked, you can speak your destination into your phone which will then keep track of where you are relative to that point, and help you to find your… Read More

  • First pre-production Volt rolls off the line

    Things are looking good for the Volt. Chevy said that the first pre-production Volt rolled off the line yesterday. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can buy one yet, but it’s still a pretty huge deal. For the future! Read More

  • The Chevy Volt 200 degrees test

    This test is no doubt neat. I mean, automakers test the exterior to make sure every piece can withstand extreme temperatures and they should. But how about the test where the Volt‘s battery is heated up to 200 degrees. Where is that video? I’ve sat in a few cars after they baked in the sun all day long and the exterior was cool to the touch but were at least 200 degrees inside. Read More

  • The Chevy Volt will of course support Blackberry and iPhone apps

    GM has a lot riding on the Chevy Volt. It’s not the vehicle that will save the company from failure, (the Chevy Cruze will do that) but it’s huge PR halo car. It will be the car that draws everyone’s attention back to the auto maker and having the car work with a flashy iPhone and Blackberry app should help with that. Read More

  • Chevy Volt's UFO noise to be driver-controllable

    You wouldn’t think quieter cars would be a problem, but then again, you’re probably not blind. Hybrids and electrics make so little noise that they pose a serious risk to blind people, who often use the sound of a car passing to determine whether it’s safe to cross the road. Nissan’s Leaf, it was announced, will make a “beautiful and futuristic” noise at… Read More

  • The EPA could give the Chevy Volt a 230 MPG rating

    You know that strange viral marketing campaign popping up around the Interwebs as of late? Well, we know what it means now thanks to GM’s CEO Fritz Henderson and it’s somewhat impressive – and a tad dubious. GM is claiming that under the new EPA guidelines, the Chevy Volt will hit 230 MPG. The Volt would be the first car to ever earn a triple digit number. Take a look at… Read More