• Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

    Mobile Phone Network Truphone Raises $118M Led By Russian Tycoon Roman Abramovich, At $473M Valuation

    Truphone, a UK-based mobile network that lets its users make free or low-cost calls to other mobile devices, has today announced a large funding injection of £75 million ($118 million) from a group of investors led by Roman Abramovich, the wealthy Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, among other things. Abramovich’s investment company Minden accounted for £70 million of this… Read More

  • Cloud-based Telco Disruptor Twilio Adds 5 More Markets Plus Local Numbers In 4 As It Preps A Move Into Asia

    Twilio, the startup that lets developers incorporate cloud-based voice and messaging services directly into mobile and web apps via a series of APIs, continues to scale up its business — crucial to how the company will make money on its low-cost service in the longer term. Today, Twilio added five more countries in beta to its list of supported markets for voice services: Czech… Read More

  • Voice Chat App Voxer Gets New Competition From Zello, A (Non-Spammy) Push-To-Talk Alternative

    Voice Chat App Voxer Gets New Competition From Zello, A (Non-Spammy) Push-To-Talk Alternative

    It looks like popular walkie-talkie app Voxer is about to get some competition in the mobile voice chat space. A new app called Zello is growing like crazy, too – in fact, it’s growing faster than Voxer internationally (although it’s behind in the U.S.) and it has reached the #8 spot in the free Android social app list. The cross-platform mobile app just reached 1 million… Read More

  • Yamaha Creates Voice Masking System To Quiet Discrete Conversations

    If you’ve ever been in a situation where discretion is important when speaking, then you may want some help from this guy. It’s the Yamaha VSP-1 and it is a little speaker device that plays sounds to cancel speech — up to 89% effective — allowing secret “deals” to be made while thwarting eavesdroppers. Read More

  • Hello, Moshi: a voice controlled alarm clock

    I’ve been wondering how long it’ll be before we start talking to all our appliances and gadgets, just like the gang on Star Trek talks to their computers. Typing, pressing buttons, waving wands around in the air: it’s all so inefficient! We should be able to simply speak to our gadgets to have them do our bidding. Today we’re one step closer to that golden Utopia… Read More

  • Ooma launches Telo Pure Voice VoIP system

    The best kept secret in VoIP with overseas relatives and friends is Ooma. For about $200 you can set your overseas loved ones up with some hot VoIP action, giving them a local telephone number they can use to call you and you can use to call them. If you travel then its great. That said, Ooma has just released the Telo system, an improvement to its current firmware that includes… Read More

  • Google Voice takes over where GrandCentral left off

    GrandCentral, a phone management service that first launched in 2006 and was acquired by Google for $50+ million in 2007, hasn’t been in the news much lately. Other than a few good natured jabs at their marketing gimmicks and coverage of outages, that is. Get ready for that to change as the service prepares for a public launch under a new product name: Google Voice. The 21 month… Read More

  • Google to release speech-to-search iPhone app

    Voice recognition has always seemed like the holy grail of technology and now Google is throwing their skills into the technology. Starting sometime today, iPhone users can download a free app that allows them to speak a destination or question and within seconds, receive an answer. The app works by recording your voice, uploading it to a Google Server via the data connection, crunching the… Read More

  • T-Mobile to offer unlimited voice/text plan for $100

    This is starting to get a little silly. Once reports of Verizon Wireless’ unlimited voice plan hit the Web last week, all the other carriers have followed suit issuing their own releases for unlimited voice plans. This morning we were informed of AT&T’s switch and now T-Mobile is announcing an unlimited text and voice plan for $99.99. The new plan is set to begin on February… Read More

  • Rumor: Verizon adding $99 unlimited voice

    [photopress:verizonguy.jpg,full,left]Verizon is setting to offer an all-you-can-talk voice plan for $99. Word is it’s to launch on Tuesday, with ads popping up randomly on USA Today’s website, among others. This is hardly surprising as unlimited plans are the next logical step for carriers if they want to stay competitive. If you’re a power-talker, and on Verizon, you might… Read More

  • In-flight calling is a go, oh noes!

    JetBlue loosed the first domestic in-flight Wi-Fi service just the other week, but how about in-flight calling? It’s bad enough when there are crying babies, loud snoring, talkers who lack inside voices and the engine noise itself. It just got worse, folks. In-flight calling is upon us. It’s far from coming to the States, but you should still be aware of this. Air France and OnAir… Read More