• With Search And Big Publishers, Showyou Turns Your iPad Into A Visual, Social Remote Control

    With Search And Big Publishers, Showyou Turns Your iPad Into A Visual, Social Remote Control

    When Showyou first launched last April, we noted that it was sort of like a Flipboard for video content. A new update out today kicks it up a notch by making things more visually appealing while adding more content and making it easier to find. Version 2.0 of Showyou features a redesigned iPad UI that is really fantastic looking. The grid-like look existed before, but now it’s smoother… Read More

  • VodPod Founders Launch Showyou, A Flipboard-Like Social Video App For iOS

    Online video startup Vodpod is launching a new app today, Showyou, which is essentially a Flipboard for videos. Launched as a free iOS app for the iPad, iPhone and iPad touch; Showyou allows you to access all the videos your friends and contacts share on social neyworks. Once you sign into the app with your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, Showyou will displau videos from… Read More

  • VodSpot Gives Publishers Easy Custom Video Portals; Now Powering TechCrunch Video

    For many content publishers, managing video can be a tricky business, particularly when you’ve got clips spread across multiple services like YouTube and Blip.tv. Today video bookmarking startup VodPod is launching a new product called VodSpot that’s looking to help, by allowing publishers to create dynamically updated video portals that can aggregate your site’s video… Read More

  • Another Social Networking Video Site

    VodPod comes out of “private alpha” into beta mode today. It’s a social networking video sharing site and right about now you’re thinking, ‘Why do we need another YouTube?” Well, if YouTube becomes increasingly commercial, as it appears it will be, then user-generated video will need a new home. VodPod is heavily designed around social networking. Have a… Read More