• Go green: Turn off your computer with your iPhone/iPod Touch

    Why didn’t any of us think of this? The creator of a VLC controller app for the iPhone has just released a clever little app that turns off your Windows or Mac PC (see what I did there?) remotely. The application, which costs a lofty 99 cents is available now in the iTunes store. To use it you have to install a small helper app on your machine and then select it from the list presented… Read More

  • Use VNC and your iPhone as a touch pad

      Nice. This is an adaptation of VNsea called “” that allows you to use your iPhone as a computer touchpad by leveraging VNC remote networking technology. I’d guess it’d work with an iPod Touch as well but mine’s not jailbroken and nobody on the source site seems to have tried it, so your mileage may vary. As a side note, there’s some… Read More

  • VNC for iPhone

    Here’s an iPhone app for you geeks out there. VNC is a virtual desktop server that simply displays and allows you to interact with any desktop running a VNC server. Well, one version of the VNC program, TightVNC, allows for HTTP access so it’s trivial to then get to your desktop just by visiting your PC through Safari. Viola! VNC! OK, so it’s not earth-shattering. However, it… Read More