VMware Cloud is now live on AWS — and IT pros just did a little happy dance

When VMware announced it was partnering with AWS last fall, it turned more than a few enterprise heads. After all, we’re talking about one company that dominates virtual machines on-prem, and th

VMware expands hybrid cloud strategy with series of announcements at VMworld

VMware, the company that gave rise to the virtual machine concept in the enterprise data center, announced a series of products and services today at VMworld in Las Vegas that show a company clearly

10 Startups In The VMware Universe Worth Tracking This Week At VMworld

The VMworld annual virtualization geek out begins this week in San Francisco. The big topic that will dominate all others: the radical transformation of the data center as a flood of data makes the ol

What Is An Open Cloud And What Isn’t?

Over the past few days I've been in San Francisco for <a target="_blank" href="http://vmworld.com">VMware's annual show</a> and in San Diego to spend some time with  the technologists at <a target="_

VMware Gets A New Boss – Paul Maritz Turns Over Job To EMC COO Pat Gelsinger

Paul Maritz turned over the job of VMware CEO to EMC's COO Pat Gelsinger on stage at <a target="_blank" href="http://vmworld.com">VMworld</a> today.  It's a move long expected that tells us more abou