Azure’s new Serial Console gives you a direct window into the dark heart of your VMs

Azure developers and sysadmins have long asked for the ability to get access to a serial console for their virtual machines (VMs). While it’s generally easy enough to log into a VM after it has

Google Cloud Platform’s preemptible VMs are now up to 33% cheaper

For a while, Google, Amazon and Microsoft were constantly undercutting each other’s cloud computing prices, but lately, it’s been pretty quiet on that front. Today, however, Google is firi

Google Compute Engine’s Preemptible Virtual Machines Are Now Generally Available

Google’s preemptible virtual machine instances for Compute Engine are now generally available. The company launched these preemptible virtual machines (VMs) about four months ago. What makes

Microsoft Azure Cuts Some VM Prices, Brings Premium Storage Options To G-Series VMs

Microsoft is announcing a couple of updates to its Azure cloud computing service today that, among other things, include the launch of a new variant of its performance-optimized G-type virtual machine

Mirantis And CoreOS Launch Enterprise-Grade OpenStack And Kubernetes Integration

OpenStack company Mirantis and CoreOS today announced that they have teamed up to integrate Mirantis' OpenStack distribution with CoreOS's Tectonic container platform. Together, the two companies will

Media Loves Twitter This Much: $48 Million A Month (At Least)

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/twitter-tv-215x194.png" width="215" height="194" />If <a href="http://twitter.com">Twitter</a> needed to pay for the media coverage the compan