Twitch opens to vloggers with launch of “IRL,” mobile broadcasting to come next year

After slowly testing the waters with non-game related content, Twitch is officially opening its doors to vloggers. The company today is debuting a new content category on its site called “IRL,&#

YouTube Is Looking For The Next Vlogging Star

YouTube is announcing a new program to nurture the next generation of video bloggers. The Next Vlogger initiative is part of <a href="http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2011/03/youtube-nextup-are-y

Vlogger on Justin.tv catches his own home being burgled on camera

Ha! This modern age. Vlogging and lifecasting (shudder) site Justin.tv user Chowda633 went off to get ear surgery a while ago and returned to find several vital items missing from his apartment. Fortu