• YouTube Is Looking For The Next Vlogging Star

    YouTube Is Looking For The Next Vlogging Star

    YouTube is announcing a new program to nurture the next generation of video bloggers. The Next Vlogger initiative is part of YouTube Next Creator — where, as the name implies, the site tries to find and mentor future YouTube stars. It already held similar programs for cooking and fitness, as well as nonprofits. Read More

  • Vlogger on Justin.tv catches his own home being burgled on camera

    Ha! This modern age. Vlogging and lifecasting (shudder) site Justin.tv user Chowda633 went off to get ear surgery a while ago and returned to find several vital items missing from his apartment. Fortunately for him, his Justin.tv stream was going the whole time he was gone, and another user found the footage of the robbery. It’s not really that exciting to watch, of course, but the… Read More