• After Years Of Patent Litigation, Nuance Acquires Vlingo

    After Years Of Patent Litigation, Nuance Acquires Vlingo

    In what Vlingo CEO Dave Grannan calls a ‘good outcome’ on Twitter, the voice-to-text technology company has just been acquired by speech recognition king Nuance. Notably, Nuance has repeatedly sued Vlingo over patent infringement – and tried to acquire them – in the past, and Grannan once referred to competing with Nuance as “having a venereal disease that’s… Read More

  • Nuance Slaps Vlingo With Another Patent Lawsuit Over Voice Recognition Technology

    Well, this is interesting. Nuance, a company that develops imaging and voice recognition technologies, is once again suing competitor Vlingo, which also develops a voice search technology and is backed by Yahoo, AT&T and Charles River Ventures. According to the suit, which we’ve embedded below, Nuance claims Vlingo is infringing on number of Nuance’s patents including U.S. Read More

  • Android Users Can Now Check In To Foursquare By Using Their Voice

    Thanks to a partnership with Vlingo, owners of Android 2.0 or higher-equipped phones can now check in to Foursquare and update their status on Facebook and Twitter simply by speaking into their phones. To try it out, download the free Vlingo app to your Android handset. Using your voice, you can then update your location status on Foursquare by saying “check into Logan Airport”… Read More

  • Vlingo's SuperDialer For Android

    Vlingo's SuperDialer For Android

    Voice search on mobile phones is increasingly becoming a viable alternative to pecking away on your tiny, touchscreen keyboard. Google has great voice search in both its iPhone and Android apps. Apple just bought Siri, which is a voice-powered personal search assistant. And then there is Vlingo, a Cambridge, Mass.-based voice search company backed by Charles River Ventures and… Read More

  • Top Ten Mobile Voice Searches Of 2009 Are Action-Oriented

    Mobile search and general Web search are two different beasts, especially when it comes to voice search, which is becoming increasingly popular. The list of the top ten mobile voice searches below by mobile voice app startup Vlingo confirms that people are much more action-oriented when they are on the go. The top search, curiously, is “YouTube,” which suggests more people than… Read More

  • Vlingo: Voice Enable Any Mobile Application

    People really hate cell phone keypads for data entry. Anyone who’s called customer service knows voice guided phone applications aren’t new, but they’re a good way to navigate menus and enter text. And applications like Spinvox which incorporated speech recognition to turn verbal voicemails into written text messages, and TellMe, which uses voice recognition to power… Read More