• Viximo Goes After Mobile Game Developers With Launch Of Social Zone

    Viximo Goes After Mobile Game Developers With Launch Of Social Zone

    Viximo, originally a virtual goods marketplace until moving into web-based social game distribution a couple of years back, is shifting yet again. This time, Viximo is moving to mobile. Today, the company is introducing a platform for mobile game developers called Social Zone which delivers a modular set of tools that developers can pick and choose from in order to make their games more… Read More

  • MyYearbook Introduces Realtime Social Gaming With Video Chat

    In general, the key driver of social networking so far is games on Facebook. But most of those games aren’t social in the way that playing Monopoly or cards with your friends and family over the holidays is social. MyYearbook, which is a small but profitable social network focussing on younger teenage users, is going to try to make online games more social by getting its members to… Read More

  • Viximo Lands $5 Million For Virtual Goods Platform

    Viximo, which provides a platform for the creation, distribution, and monetization of virtual goods for social networks and mobile devices, has secured $5 million in a round of funding from North Bridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners. Former CEO Rob Frasca has been replaced by acting CEO Dayna Grayson, who works at North Bridge Venture Partners. Read More

  • VixML: A Revolutionary New iPhone Development Platform For The Masses

    The iPhone is the hottest platform around, leading some small-time developers to overnight riches and spawning over ten thousand apps in only a few months. But without knowledge of Objective-C or the intricacies of the iPhone SDK, many talented designers have no way of getting their wares onto the App Store. Today, Viximo has released a landmark new development platform called VixML that… Read More

  • Viximo Launches Its Turn-Key Virtual Goods System

    Virtual goods have massive monetization potential, but many sites simply don’t have the resources to build a virtual goods engine or to produce assets that its users would be willing to pay money for. Boston startup Viximo, launched earlier this month, is looking to offer sites a turnkey solution. The company has built an embeddable gift store and showcase that can be integrated into… Read More