This company will tell you which vitamins and supplements to take based on your DNA

Nutrigene believes your genes may hold the secret to what you might be missing in your diet. The company will send you tailor-made liquid vitamin supplements based on a lifestyle quiz and your DNA.

Amazon’s private label Elements expands for first time in years with invite-only vitamins and supplements

Amazon has quietly added a new product to its private label, Amazon Elements, which previously only carried Amazon’s own brand of baby wipes, after pulling its diaper line from the label in 2015

Care/of takes on the vitamin industry with customized nutrition packs

There’s no end to the bottles, packs and pills of various nutritional supplements out there, but vitamin startup Care/of plans to stand out by tailoring the vitamins you pop to your specific nee

Nootrobox wants to boost your brain power with vitamin D

Who needs the sun? Many Silicon Valley startups pride themselves on long, grueling work hours, toiling from the crack of dawn until late into the night. But that work pride has a toll — they l

Olly has built a breakout brand in a crowded space: Here’s how

Vitamins and venture capital might not seem like the most natural fit, but a number of related companies have attracted capital from tech investors in recent years, including SmartyPants, which makes

Ritual wants to reinvent the vitamin

Ritual has developed a beaded oil capsule vitamin for sustained release from what it says are the best ingredients found throughout the world to nourish your body. The company launched today onst

Koge Looks To Shake Up The Vitamin Industry With Subscription Service, Personalized Combinations

Vitamin sales is big business: in the U.S. alone in 2012, it was worth $9.3 billion in sales, and the opportunity is only growing, as more consumers turn to preventative medicine and health strategies