• Nootrobox wants to boost your brain power with vitamin D

    Nootrobox wants to boost your brain power with vitamin D

    Who needs the sun? Many Silicon Valley startups pride themselves on long, grueling work hours, toiling from the crack of dawn until late into the night. But that work pride has a toll — they likely suffer from a serious lack of vitamin D. Most U.S. office workers do these days and Nootrobox co-founder Geoff Woo says that’s affecting our brains. Vitamin D plays an important role… Read More

  • Vitamin D video surveillance system is out of beta, multiple camera versions cost $49/$199

    Vitamin D Video has officially gone out of beta and is now available in 1.0. The basic, single camera version of the software is available now for free while a two camera version costs $49 and unlimited cameras costs $199. The software watches a web-based camera – including many popular models from Linksys and D-Link – and records motion as it it happens, even alerting you when… Read More

  • Vitamin D turns your webcam into a virtual doorman

    When I bought a webcam for my front door – mine is the Linksys WVC54GCA – I was faced with a predicament. The built-in motion detection software bombarded my email inbox with images of an empty frame. It was set off by the motion of a leaf or a reflection, rendering one of the most important aspects – notification of trespass – ineffective. At an impasse, I decided to… Read More

  • DEMO: Vitamin D Brings Smart Searching To Security Footage

    There’s no doubt that searching video footage can be an incredibly tedious and time consuming task — unless someone else has manually tagged a video with keywords, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wade through minutes (or hours) of footage to find what you’re looking for. In the last few years we’ve started to see the emergence of some new technologies… Read More