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Sony Ericsson partners with Comverse for visual voicemail

Earlier this morning Comverse announced a new partnership with Sony Ericsson to bring visual voicemail to future SE handsets. Ever since a certain mobile device (hint: starts with “i” and

Comverse offers carriers visual voicemail solution for BlackBerry devices

<img title="comversehub" src="" alt="comversehub" /> Earlier last month, we caught wind of a <a href="

Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry is in the system

<img src="" />Blackberry users will soon have one less thing for iPhone people to tease them about. Visual voicemail, which we've seen i

Leaked screenshots of Visual Voicemail for the BlackBerry Bold

Whispers of Visual Voicemail coming to the BlackBerry Bold have been lingering for a few weeks now, and now things are about as concrete as they come. Doin’ what they do with their ninja leak sq

Klausner Technologies adds LG and Verizon to the VVM lawsuit

Love ‘em or hate ‘em Klausner Technologies is firing up the lawyers again. The lawsuit-happy patent holding company has sued everybody from AOL to Apple and now has their sights set on Verizon and

Verizon's Voyager gets Visual Voicemail

Its not just for the iPhone anymore, Verizon Wireless today announced the availability of Visual Voicemail for the Voyager by LG. For those who haven’t seen it, Visual Voice Mail provides a differen

Apple says "Mercy" in visual voicemail lawsuit

Back in December 2007 it was reported that Klausner Technologies was suing Apple and others for stealing its patent on visual voicemail. Today, Reuters is reporting that Apple will finally settle and

SimulScribe settles in "Visual Voicemail" lawsuit

The whole trail is kind of convoluted but it seems there is a company, Klausner Technologies, with a patent for the same concept as SimulSays, SimulScribes visual voicemail solution for RIM and WinMo