• Why Leopard Isn't Better Than Vista

    Leopard hasn’t been out a week and already the Microsoft fanboys are starting to bash away. Take for instance, an article I found called “Why Leopard Isn’t Better Than Vista” written for eWeek and posted on Neowin. Now if the domain names aren’t biased enough, think about what this guy is saying. Vista is better than Leopard. That’s like saying your… Read More

  • Mom gives Microsoft CEO a stern lecture about Vista

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Unless, of course, that woman is also a mother. Then the fury the likes of which hell hath no (?) is actually a bit worse. Such was the case today at a conference in Orlando when supermom/analyst Yvonne Genovese let Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer know what she thinks about Vista. Her reasons for disliking Vista are pretty much the same as every other… Read More

  • Gears of War heads to PC on November 6: Not your father's port

    Gears of War will be released for the PC, including Vista, on November 6. It turns out the game isn’t merely a port. In fact, the Gears guy with the highlights in his hair—CliffyB to message boarders—says the game was pretty heavily reworked for the PC. You know, a tremendously modified engine, support for mice, keyboards, 360 controllers, light sabers, etc. Basically, take… Read More

  • Microsoft Extending Windows XP Sales

    Due to the fact that Windows Vista just straight up sucks, Microsoft released a statement yesterday stating that they will continue to sell Windows XP until the end of June 2008, adding five months to the previously planned phase out date. The decision comes after multiple complaints from both customers and PC manufacturers about how broken Vista was. Of course, Microsoft didn’t really… Read More

  • Vista will eat itself

    Don Reisinger knows what’s good for Microsoft and that’s burying all copies of Vista in New Mexico along with E.T. for the Atari 2600. He points out all of Microsoft’s failures — no extras, a stunning resemblance to OS X/Linux, and slow updates — and refuses to see the good deep in Vista’s heart. The time is up. Microsoft must abandon Vista and move on. Read More

  • Microsoft Extends XP Sales To Give Customers More Time To Move To Vista

    AP Image of some low level Microsoft employee Windows Vista hasn’t exactly taken off as Microsoft hoped it would and now it’s been forced to keep XP on store shelves for an additional five months. Originally scheduled to end-of-life in January, you’ll now still be able to buy Vista through June 30. Officially, Microsoft will keep selling XP in order to give people more time… Read More

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