Vista lies, damn lies, and lies

I sadly missed this story last week but it bears further inspection. Charlie “The Animal” White wrote a piece “fact-checking” the claims that Vista is buggy, slow, and a big ha

In Russia, Windows advertisements are on the appropriate venue.

It reads,”Windows Vista – The Digital Future Starts Here.” Where does it start? There, right there? Gross.

Microsoft's Vista armor starting to fade

HP denies that they are making an OS to rival Vista, but, they do acknowledge that they are developing software that would bypass some of its functions altogether. HP formed the “customer experience

Microsoft commercial with Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld Here’s that commercial we told you about earlier – the first in the series of ads for Microsoft’s $300 million campaign to help pro

Microsoft to use Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates, and $300 million to battle Vista woes

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is launching a $300 million ad campaign starting September 4th. The ads will star none other than Jerry Seinfeld, who’s reported to be receiving a

Microsoft now has a blog about Windows 7's development

Microsoft has a blog about Windows 7 now. It’s called E7, and it’s aimed at people like us, people who scrutinize the development (or lack thereof) of Windows to the nth degree. It’s

Microsoft Media Center TV Pack gets official

The latest upgrade to WMC, codename Fiji, is finally official. We’ll try not to harp on Microsoft to bad about the Windows Media Center TV Pack, but honestly, that’s kind of hard as the pa

HP explains how Microsoft inflates Vista sales figures

A recent article in APC Magazine finds a marketing manager for HP detailing how business users are still able to order machines pre-loaded with Windows XP while making it appear that the OS sold was W

Microsoft concerned with Apple's recent success: How to counter?

Apple’s success with the iPod, iPhone and Mac is finally starting to worry Microsoft, according to the company’s recently filed 10-K form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Linux not going away, U.K.

Nobody would argue that Linux has an appreciable market share. They could however say that they have an appreciating share. Cause in fact they do. Since Microsoft launched Vista in January 2007, U.K.

Video: Windows Vista running well on a tablet, gasp

Willcom D4 UMPC: Vista Home Premium performance from Jenn Lee on Vimeo. Windows Vista gets a lot of stink for being too resource demanding, something this video here tries to dispel. This 12-minute vi

People who hate Vista shown ‘Mojave’ and like it, then find out that ‘Mojave’ is actually Vista

Okay, here’s what happened. Microsoft took a group of 120 individuals who “were either Mac, Linux, or users of versions of Windows that came before Windows Vista” and who rated their perception

Sandisk rags on Vista for not being SSD-ready

While I’m never the first to jump on Vista for this or that problem (I’m guessing it’ll be a great OS in a couple years), this is pretty dumb. Larger capacity solid state disks are i

Flash: The world is round, says new Vista ad campaign

Vista is great, honest. Microsoft looks to be rolling out its “Vista isn’t so bad, see?” ad campaign, as this delightful little jpeg shows. You know how people used to think the world was fl

Windows Vista: Not that bad, really, try it

Bill Veghte from the Windows group at Microsoft sent out a nice big memo to those who still haven’t installed Vista in their enterprises and are waiting for some real improvement before they eve

Intel not down with this Windows Vista scam

According to the NYT Intel will not upgrade their 80,000 employee computers to Vista, at least according to an internal that is making everyone in the IT industry giggle like little girls. The IT staf

Windows 7 development overseen by Dept. of Justice

Since about 2002, the Department of Justice has had a special “Technical Committee” overseeing the development of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The committee’s main job was to monitor

Dell to begin charging some customers for Windows XP downgrade

Dell, in its infinite wisdom, will charge customers $20 to $50 to downgrade from Vista to XP. Only buyers of low-end Vostro PCs have to worry, though. This is all because of Microsoft’s self-imp

New ‘Pepper Pad’ coming with Atom and Vista?

The Pepper Pad 3, apparently not to be confused with the already-available Pepper Pad 3, has been spotted by AVING. This new version of the…um…board-like, lap-based, net surfing apparatus will fea

Windows Vista installed on Asus Eee 1000H

Cameron over at got Windows Vista Ultimate up and running on the new Asus Eee 1000H. The Windows Experience rating is a lowly 1.0, held back by the graphics card, but the system seems to
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