vista sp1

  • Vista SP1 available tomorrow

    Apparently tomorrow’s the big day. The first service pack for Windows Vista will be available for manual download on the Windows Update and Microsoft Downloads sites. It’ll also be pushed out as an automatic update on April 18th for those users who can stand another month of random crashes, slow system performance, and the inability to reliably connect to secure networks. Read More

  • Vista SP1 RTM starts today, downloadable mid-March

    Okay, over on the Microsoft Vista Blog they’ve announced that Vista with Service Pack 1 is now in the release-to-manufacturing stage, so in the not-too-distant future we’ll see new computers coming out with Vista SP1 preloaded. Wonderful. So what about the rest of us? We’ll get ours in the middle of March. Read More

  • Vista SP1 on February 15th?

    Okay, grains of salt and all that good stuff but I came across an article on that linked to a DigiTimes article about the supply and demand of DRAM in 2008, wherein a spokesperson for a Taiwanese company called Nanya Technology and Inotera Memories made a passing comment about the “launch of an updated version of Microsoft Vista on February 15” and how it might help… Read More

  • Vista SP1 Release Candidate gets updated

    Another version of Vista’s Service Pack 1 is available today and, although it’s not the actual finished service pack, it apparently fixes “a number of bugs that testers encountered in previous prerelease versions of SP1.” It’s called “SP1 RC Refresh” and to get it to work, you’ll have to uninstall any previous service pack release candidates… Read More

  • Vista SP1: Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Faster

    Microsoft’s first service pack for Vista will apparently increase system performance considerably. Hallelujah. Read More

  • No Vista SP1 Until 2009?

    Say it ain’t so, Microsoft. Lest Vista become a waterslide away from me that takes me further every day. Say it ain’t so. Rumors are currently flying about that Vista’s first service pack (SP1) won’t be available until 2009. That’s impossible…or is it? Valleywag reports that “Microsoft has apparently told executives at one of the world’s largest… Read More